House Rules' Kate and Harry are "fed up" with the negative feedback

Bec and Troy are giving Fiona and Nicole a run for their money when it comes to the title of House Rules' biggest villains!

By Helen Vnuk
If you think that Kate and Harry should have scored a pass for their bonus room in House Rules, you’re not alone. The SA couple believe their Kim Kardashian-inspired bedroom for Bec’s daughter Hayley was a winner.
“I definitely felt robbed with the bonus room, 100 per cent,” Kate, 28, tells TV WEEK .
“You didn’t see it on camera, but the judges said it was the best bonus room so far. Bec said Hayley isn’t the type to get excited about things and she loved her room. So I was quite annoyed, as you could see.”
The bonus room, introduced this season, sees teams gain five points if the homeowners award them a pass. They lose five points if homeowners give them a fail.
So far, only one bonus room has scored a pass. Andrew and Jono gave it to Fiona and Nicole for their study.
“In the end it was just a curse, really, the bonus room,” Kate says. “You just couldn’t win with it.”
She thinks the trouble began when Fiona and Nicole failed Andrew and Jono’s outdoor room in the first renovation.

“I think that’s where it kicked off to a bad start, the fail in Victoria. Everyone thought for sure that was going to pass.”
Kate says she and the other teams got “fed up” with all the negative feedback they got from Troy and Bec, after renovating Troy’s house in western Sydney. This explains why she got “snappy” when Bec criticised a Kim Kardashian book she’d put in Hayley’s room.
Bec was unhappy that there was a nude photo of Kim in the book. Kate says she didn’t notice it.

“I didn’t have time to open it up and take a look,” she says. “But to me, Kim Kardashian is all about nudity, she’s all about selfies, it’s all pretty superficial.
“I thought I was just doing what I needed to do to hit the rule and I still would put that book in there to this day.”

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