House Rules’ Aaron and Daniella dream of a career in TV

“I want to be on Home And Away!”

By Helen Vnuk
TV viewers are going to see a lot more of Aaron and Daniella, if the duo have their way.
The glamorous Gold Coast couple are hoping that House Rules will be a springboard into a career in television.
“We would take anything, really,” Daniella, 38, says. “We would love to do presenting.”
However, Aaron, who’s already shown he’s happy to get his shirt off, has his eye on one particular role.
“Aaron jokes he’d love to be on Home And Away,” Daniella explains with a laugh.
“He’ll say a lifesaver in Speedos!”

House Rules isn’t Daniella’s first time on TV. As a former professional dancer, she’s made plenty of appearances onscreen, but mostly in the background.
“I did Australian Idol with Marcia Hines,” she remembers.
Throughout her career, she’s performed with some of the biggest names in Australian music.
“Dannii Minogue is amazing! She was lots of fun. Guy Sebastian’s brilliant.”

Daniella also worked with Meat Loaf on an NRL grand final “many, many moons ago”.
“I was still dancing right until I had my first baby,” the mum of Jaxon, three, and Brooklyn, nearly one, says.
Daniella says both she and Aaron, 31, are loving being in front of the cameras for House Rules.
“We really do love it,” she says. “And it’s brought so much happiness into our lives, because Aaron was working so hard in construction and I had my business [an entertainment agency].”
Could we one day see Aaron and Daniella on the sandy beaches in Summer Bay?
But although the couple are keen to take any TV opportunity that comes their way, they’re going to stand firm on one thing.
The next time they film something, they don’t want to be separated from their kids.
“Whatever it is, we would want our children with us. A hundred per cent, our family’s got to travel with us.”

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