Kate and Harry made the ultimate sacrifice for House Rules

The young parents are struggling with their decision.

By TV Week team
Signing up to House Rules was not easy for Kate and Harry.
The couple tell TV WEEK that having to leave behind their two-year-old son Xavier was devastating.
“I’d only ever been away from Xavier for a night,” Kate, 28, reveals. “It’s not easy.”
Thankfully Kate’s family have been able to step up and provide support to the young couple.
“They were concerned about us being away from our son but they understood this is an opportunity of a lifetime,” Kate says.
But despite the challenges, the pair, who have been together for eight years, are hoping their decision to compete in the series will pay off.
“Winning the show would mean Harry could be home more, and we could start planning for our future,” Kate explains.
“Being at home for my kids is really important to me. I’d like to be there as much as possible.”

To win the competition, though, primary school teacher Kate admits she and Harry, 31, will need to put aside their differences and learn to communicate better.
“That will be hard for both of us,” Kate says. “Especially when we’re tired, stressed and missing home.
“We’re both strong-minded. Because of what’s at stake, I think we’ll both be more stubborn than usual.”
However, Kate thinks she’ll be able to stay strong when the going gets tough.
“I think my ability to see the big picture and keep my cool under pressure will hold us in good stead for the show,” Kate says.
But as time goes on, missing Xavier may start to have an impact on her strength and will power.
“I am not usually an emotional person but being away from him will be the hardest thing I've ever done.”

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