Home And Away recap: A scandalous arrest

Arrests, farewells and new faces. Summer Bay had it all this week!

By TV Week team
It was an intense week for the Morgans on Home And Away as they prepared to farewell Justin (James Stewart) and dealt with the fallout of Brody’s (Jackson Heywood) ongoing drug addiction.
Elsewhere, Roo (Georgie Parker) faced raising her child alone.
Here’s how it all unfolded…

Downward spiral

This week when Brody was desperate for more drug money, he tried to pawn Raffy’s (Olivia Deeble) necklace. When it was only worth $10, Brody, high on drugs, lost it, trashed the store and carjacked a woman. She gave him her handbag, thinking he wanted money.
When he discovered the handbag the next day, the memories flooded back. He found a driver’s licence belonging to a Scarlett Snow (Tania Nolan) in the bag and went to return it to her address.
As he arrived, Scarlett snuck up behind him and cracked him on the head with a vase. When he came to, she wanted him to get help and call his brother. But instead of calling Mason (Orpheus Pledger), he called his drug dealer.
Later, Scarlett covered for him when Kat (Pia Miller) questioned her. But the police found CCTV footage and arrested Brody…
Scarlett wants to help Brody which his drug addiction, instead of just turning him in.

Baby blues

Meanwhile, Roo stressed out about raising her child alone after James’ (Tim Ross) family lawyer sent her a formal contract stating that James wants no responsibility or contact with the baby whatsoever.
Things went from difficult to super uncomfortable when Alf (Ray Meagher) overheard his daughter talking about a “flamin’” baby.
On a positive note for Roo, after his initial shock, Alf made it clear that he would be there to support his daughter and the baby.

Painful paths

At the surprise farewell party, Justin dedicated a heartfelt song to his daughter Ava (Grace Thomas). After seeing this, Phoebe (Isabella Giovinazzo) had tried to suggest long distance so Justin could be close to Ava but he abruptly broke up with her instead.
There were plenty of waterworks (on both ends) as Phoebe came to the realisation that Justin was right. Phoebe couldn’t give up her music career and Justin couldn’t give up his daughter.
Before she left, Phoebe begged Justin to ask her to stay. He didn’t. He only whispered “stay” as he watched her drive away.
This looks like the last we’ve seen of Phoebe. She certainly hasn’t had an easy time in the Bay but she left chasing her music dreams!

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