House Rules contestants Troy and Bec won't back down

Things are already getting heated on House Rules between team VIC and team NSW!

By Kietley Isrin
We’re only a week into the new season of House Rules and already some of the rookie renovators are butting heads.
Last night, tempers flared between team Victoria’s Nicole and Fiona and Aussie battlers Bec and Troy when the teams couldn’t agree on how much space they each needed for Kate and Harry’s laundry and bathroom areas.
But it wasn’t until Nicole and Fiona, both 44, called Troy an “idiot,” that things really got heated.
“There’s a way to talk to people,” Troy said of the girl’s behaviour.
“They don’t deserve to be in this at all.”
Speaking to TV WEEK, the 46-year-old from NSW admits that when it comes confrontation, he doesn’t like to back down. Especially when he knows his not in the wrong.
“I like to deal with it and speak up,” Troy says.

His partner Bec, on the other hand, would prefer to keep away from the drama.
“I am a strong natured person and won’t let anything distract me or get me down,” she says.
But when it comes to the competition, she’ll do whatever is takes to win – even if that means putting the other teams off side.
“At times I can be a bit stubborn and if I want to do something, I will do it regardless,” she adds.
Meanwhile, rivals Nicole and Fiona, both, 44, are also proving to be a force to be reckoned with.
“I’m dedicated and determined to complete the challenges put to me,” Fiona says.
And no one will get in the way of her having her $75K mortgage paid off.
“It will mean my everyday life will be far less stressful with not having to worry about money,” the single mum says.
“My finances are a juggle being a single mum paying rent and a mortgage. This will be a massive relief and will give me more quality time with the children.”

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