The first House Rules reveal didn't impress Fiona and Nicole

The best friends were disappointed with their newly renovated home.

By TV Week team
Best friends Fiona and Nicole were the first to hand over their keys to their fellow House Rules teams.
The girls had left strict instructions on the style of renovation they were after and hoped to return to the home of their dreams. Instead, the ladies were bitterly disappointed.
Judge Drew was impressed with Andre and Jono's outdoor room even if Fiona and Nicole weren't.
Considering the state of the place prior to the renovation, many of the other teams felt that the ladies were judging their work too harshly, and that they should be happy with any improvement to their home.
“Going by what they had and what they've got they shouldn’t hate anything,” teammate Troy said.
See their feedback on each room below.

Master bedroom by team WA

Despite being disappointed with the overall result, Fiona and Nicole loved the entry, mud room and master bedroom. They liked the use of bold colour, though still felt that some elements fell short of their instructions.
The dining room by team TAS.

Bathroom by team TAS

The bath was a winner for Fiona and Nicole – who wouldn’t LOVE a tub like that! However, the girls felt that the stripe was too industrial.
On the other hand, judge LLB was very impressed with Sean & Ella’s bathroom stripes. Guess it comes down to preference in the end…
All three judges agreed that Aaron & Daniella had created the best example of contemporary country with their kitchen.

Ensuite and living room by team SA

Fiona and Nicole loved the tiles, but weren’t a fan of the metallic look in the ensuite. They loved the duck egg blue chairs in the living room, but didn’t like the stone fireplace.
This time, LLB was in agreement, saying the fireplace mosaic looked like “old dog biscuits” – OUCH!

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