House Rules teams open up about growing tensions with Fiona and Nicole on set

Fiona and Nicole are proving to be the competitions biggest trouble makers.

By Helen Vnuk
They would have to be among the least popular reality TV contestants of recent years. So why is team Victoria’s Fiona and Nicole rubbing all the other teams the wrong way?
Well, according to twin brothers Andrew and Jono, it’s all for show.
“Behind the scenes they were alright,” Jono, 27, tells TV WEEK.
“But when the camera’s started rolling, their competitiveness came through and they do not want to lose. They don’t want to show any weakness, any faults. They back themselves 100 percent, even in the face of bad judgement they’re still backing themselves.”
Meanwhile Andrew admits he finds the ladies hard to deal with.
“With all the arguments we have with Fiona and Nicole, you would think if you present a logical argument that would sway them but no.”
And the brother’s aren’t the only ones to speaking out about the single mums.
“I think at the time they thought, when this all airs, Australia will back them,” Kate from team SA says. “I think in their minds they really thought they were hard done by. But as everyone can see, they just brought it upon themselves.”
“The girls are so bizarre,” she adds. “You’re having a conversation with them one minute and then they just snap the next.
“I don’t know if that’s the way they are in real life. Maybe they’re just terrible at communicating and they think that being rude and confrontational gets them places. I don’t know.”
Daniella also has a bone to pick with them.
“It always turned into an argument,” Daniella, 38, says. “It was hard, because Aaron and I don’t like to argue, especially with people we don’t know.
“As you can see on the show, the girls like to argue, they like to get their point across, whereas everyone else likes to compromise.”
Aaron and Daniella on House Rules.
In last night's episode of House Rules saw Fiona and Nicole agree to raise the ceiling in a shared area. But then the agreement fell apart. Fiona unleashed a stream of insults on Aaron.
“What you see onscreen is Fiona and Nicole watered down,” Aaron reveals.
“They are way worse in real life.”

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