House Rules charity renovation reveals

Andrew and Jono failed to nail Drew’s tricky house rules.
House Rules

In last night’s semi-final round, Andrew and Jono were sent home after failing to impress the judges during the charity renovations.

Despite leaving the competition, the twins from WA were proud of what they achieved on the show.

“It’s very rewarding and that’s the whole point of this week, to give something the residents of Bezzina House will enjoy in the future,” they said.

On the other hand, Kate and Harry received a perfect 30/30 score, winning the judges over by adding their own paprika twist to the colour scheme.

Take another look at the renovated apartments below.

Andrew and Jono – Kitchen: Overall, the judges were underwhelmed by Andrew and Jono’s renovations.

Andrew and Jono – lounge room: Drew and Wendy loved that part of the seating arrangement became a slide-out coffee table as it hit the house rule of ‘make one thing do two things.’

Andrew and Jono – bedroom and bathroom: Drew loved the colour scheme of the bedroom and thought it hit the “sunset” house rule perfectly. Wendy thought the layout was great and that the seat in the bathroom was clever, but Drew and LLB remained unimpressed.

Kate and Harry – lounge room: LLB liked that Kate and Harry ignored his colour palette and went for paprika. “I think I’ve rubbed off on them, in a good way,” he said.

Kate and Harry – bedroom: LLB was thoroughly impressed with the peacock on the wall. “There I am on the wall. They have literally taken me and mounted me above the bed and it is frighteningly fabulous,” he joked.

Aaron and Daniella – living room: The judges were immediately impressed by the “art deco” feature wall. “That wall, to me, says they understood what I wanted,” said Wendy.

Aaron and Daniella – bathroom: The bathroom was a huge success with Drew admitting, “They are finally ticking all the boxes”.

Communal kitchen (Andrew and Jono): The judges felt that this room was disconnected from the others and that the boys should have fought for more space.

Communal dining room (Aaron and Daniella): LLB wasn’t a fan of the wallpaper in the dining room. On the other hand, Wendy liked the wallpaper, but felt the room lacked “oomph”.

Communal lounge room (Kate and Harry): The lounge room was a big hit with all three judges. “This is what I wanted to see in this competition, amateurs taking chances and doing stuff professionals wouldn’t dare to do,” said LLB.

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