There’s an explosive theory behind Leah’s disappearance on Home and Away, and it’s left fans in shock

Could this prove where she's been all along?
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When iconic Home and Away character Leah Patterson mysteriously disappeared from The Bay at the end of 2019, it would be safe to say fans were utterly perplexed.

After more than 20 years on the show, Leah, who is played by Ada Nicodemou, has become somewhat of a stalwart on the sunny shores of Summer Bay – so naturally, her disappearance is a little distressing.

Now, after weeks of being kept in the dark with barely a peep from the character (albeit a couple of strange blog posts), it’s only natural that fans themselves come up with their own explanations as to where she’s got to.

There’s a bunch of wild fan theories speculating where Home and Away‘s Leah has disappeared – but there’s only one that has struck a chord.

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As things start to heat up and get more mysterious, there are specific clues to the story that fans and followers have picked up on and run with in order to shape their own theories.

One such theory seems to have stuck – and it all comes back to Leah’s son VJ, and her granddaughter Luc.

VJ left the Bay with his legal baby daughter almost three years ago, however it seems the story line mightn’t be quite over yet.

Leah’s son VJ left with his legal baby daughter Luc in 2017 – but could a reappearance be on the cards?

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You see, Luc isn’t actually VJ’s daughter. She is in fact, the daughter of Billie Ashford (who passed away) and Mick Jennings – who raped Billie and was estranged from Luc.

In the months following Luc’s birth, Mick tries his best to see his biological daughter, despite being unstable. His erratic nature worries many in The Bay, and eventually he moves to WA, where his story line apparently ends.

Or does it? According to some fans, potentially not.

The plot thickens…

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Taking to social media, a slew of theories have been thrown about – some wild and far-fetched, some that actually seem scarily possible.

The one that’s stuck? Leah has been kidnapped by Mick himself.

“I’m thinking Irene’s son [Mick] he’s probably trying to get Billy’s baby back and took Leah to make her take him to VJ,” a fan wrote on Facebook.

Oooo, now this is an intriguing one!

So long as Ada doesn’t leave the show altogether, we’ll be happy!

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Fans seem to agree that this could possibly be the case.

“I wonder if Luc’s biological father has kidnapped her because he wants to know where VJ has taken his daughter,” a fan mused.

“That’s the best theory here was thinking around the same area,” said another.

The theory could well stack up – although we wouldn’t be putting all our eggs into one basket just yet.

Who knows, maybe we might even see a repeat of the Mumma Rose story line back in 2005 – the much-loved Tash became embroiled in a cult-like community on the outskirts of Summer Bay.

The narrative was one of the show’s wilder plot lines, but in spite of its rather far-fetched nature, the writers certainly went there.

Which makes us think that perhaps there’s more to the Leah disappearance than we can even imagine.

Stranger things have happened. Guess we’ll just have to keep watching to find out…

WATCH: See Leah and son VJ share a heated discussion on Home and Away:

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