Aussies are in meltdown as one of Home and Away’s most beloved characters makes a surprise return to the show

''Do we still call him Angelo or do we call him Salt?''
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Television is no joke for plenty of Aussies, especially where Home and Away is concerned.

The feat was made abundantly clear over the weekend when a certain announcement about the beloved Aussie soap was dropped on Instagram – and fans were in various states of meltdown.

Indeed one of the show’s renowned characters, Angelo Rosetta, played by the formidable Luke Jacobz, is officially coming back to the rather dramatic shores of Summer Bay

Oh, and you can bet the drama is going to be real.

Playing one of Home and Away‘s most beloved characters, Angelo Rosetta is making a grand return to the show!

(Channel Seven)

The news was announced on the show’s official Instagram page with a video featuring Luke, who tells the camera: “Hey guys, I’m back!”

He continued: “It’s Angelo Rosetta here, or Luke Jacobz.”

“I am coming back to The Bay, I am very excited, I have lots to fill you in on – so I’ll see you guys very soon.”

The comments section became meltdown central – fast.

“No way!!! 😍😍😍😍,” wrote one ecstatic fan.

“YES! @lukejacobz 😁 will be awesome to have Angelo back,” another said, before adding: “Or do we now have to call him Salt? 🤔.

The character was so renowned on the show that a fictional restaurant in The Bay was named after him. After it came under new ownership by Brodie Morgan, the name was later changed to Salt.

Luke has kept himself busy with numerous projects since his departure from The Bay 10 years ago.

(Instagram / lukejacobz)

TV WEEK also shared the exciting news to Instagram, where fans were quick to share their excitement.

“I need to start watching again!!” A fan wrote.


We can’t help but agree with them!

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Luke himself also seemed to be particularly excited about his grand return – he shared the announcement on his own Instagram page, writing: “The secrets out.. I’m absolutely thrilled to be coming back to Home and Away! Angelo will be back as the drama continues in the Bay.”

The actor has garnered a loyal fan-base after his character’s departure from the show.

If you cast your minds back, you might remember the Summer Bay cop left town following a murky police mystery involving the River Boys.

While his character was written out, the actor kept himself busy – he moved to LA where he attempted to find more work. He was also a host on X Factor Australia, as well as doing a stint in the I’m A Celebrity jungle in 2019.

His raw and honest admissions on the reality show earned him high praise and respect, with many admiring his genuine nature.

Speaking to TV WEEK in 2019, Luke elaborated on some of his struggles – which hit a peak when he was in LA.

“Work wise, it wasn’t panning out as well as I’d imagined,” Luke admits. “Mentally, it really hurt. I was low and felt like a disappointment. I thought I’d lost my career – and that it was all my fault.”

It looks like things are only on the up for Luke now. We can’t wait to see what Angelo’s getting up to these days!

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