Luke Jacobz takes us inside the newest dating show The Proposal

“I’ll never be Osher!”

By Karina Recchi
You could wait a lifetime to meet The One – or you could get it over and done with in an hour and be on your merry way down the aisle.
That's the premise behind the newest reality TV dating show, The Proposal, brought to life by the producers of The Bachelor. In each episode, a new suitor or suitress is tucked away in a "commitment ring", shielding them from the eight singles.
The singles will be put through a series of elimination rounds, in which they'll reveal something about themselves, continuing until it's down to just three contestants. They will then attempt to secure the seal of approval from the suitor or suitress' family and friends.
The final two will meet the suitor or suitress and get down on one knee!
The suitress can see out, but the singles can't see in!
Luke Jacobz, 38, former Home And Away star and presenter of The X Factor, hosts the reality series after recently proposing to his partner Raychel. Luke admits that even he thinks the series is "completely and utterly bonkers!"
Here, he tells TV WEEK what we can expect when it comes to…
The success rate: "Sparks flew!" Luke admits. "After the third day of filming, I rang my fiancée and said, 'This is working!' It was a shock for everyone. I feel I'll be going to one or two weddings soon."
How he'll differ from The Bachelor Australia host Osher Günsberg: "I'm sure there will be loads of similarities [between us]," Luke says. "Osher has set the standard very, very high. He's been hosting The Bachelor for years now – and there's no way I could ever be an Osher."
Luke won't be hosting any rose ceremonies, but he still rocks a great 'do!
The diversity of suitors and suitresses: "There's a bisexual person," Luke reveals. "So instead of eight men or women, we have four of each!"
Reality TV drama: Luke declares there's no room for drama on The Proposal. "If someone brings a negative attitude onto stage, that person is trying to find love, so the suitor or suitress isn't going to think they're attractive if they're being negative."
The Proposal premieres Tuesday, August 27, 8.30pm, Channel Seven

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