SPOILER ALERT: Marilyn and John’s marriage reaches crisis point on Home and Away

Down and out!
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Since their arrival in Summer Bay, Marilyn has built a strong connection with the Parata family – particularly Ari, who helped her during the hospital siege.

Unfortunately, Marilyn’s (Emily Symons)husband John’s (Shane Withington,) jealousy is about to land her at an uneasy crossroads in Home And Away.

John isn’t pleased with the behaviour of newcomers Ari and Kikau

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The newcomers from New Zealand are struggling to find their feet in Summer Bay. Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams,) and his nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo,) haven’t found work and the bills are piling up.

Nikau’s mum Gemma (Bree Peters) is working at the Diner, but her wages barely covers the cost of their motel.

The Paratas haven’t found a permanent base in the Bay so far.

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Ari’s brother Tane is handy with the gloves

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“Ari is challenged between the life he had and is now living,” Rob tells TV WEEK. “He doesn’t earn what he used to and supporting his family is proving a struggle.”

After a day of job hunting, the trio return to the motel to find their bags on the doorstep and an eviction notice taped to the wall. Where will the family go?

Ari suggests they bunker down in the car for the night and pick things up tomorrow.

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The following morning, Ari and Nikau head to the beach for a shower as Gemma goes to the Diner. The two men use the facilities to rinse their clothes and brush their teeth – just as John, who’s a councillor in Summer Bay, is passing by.

“There are some characters in the Bay who can’t help but pry, and Ari gets quite protective and defensive,” Rob explains.

A bristling John tells off the pair for using the showers improperly. When Nikau in turn tells him to mind his own business, John demands they respect protocol or he’ll call the police.

It’s a bad move, with Ari warning John to back down.

John tells off the Paratas for using showers improperly

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Meanwhile at the Diner, Marilyn tells Gemma she knows of their situation and offers to help. Gemma declines, but is then rattled to get a phone call from her brother-in-law Tane (Ethan Browne). As Marilyn overhears, she’s concerned for Gemma’s welfare and insists the Paratas come to stay with her.

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Later that night, John walks in to find the entire family in his house! He and Marilyn get into a heated debate – with John eventually storming out.

Stuck for a resolution, Marilyn finds comfort in Irene (Lynne McGranger) and admits her marriage is crumbling.

With her marriage teetering, and Marilyn finding comfort in a handsome stranger, will this latest argument push the once loving couple to breaking point?

A worried Marilyn makes Gemma a kind offer

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