Legends of the Bay: All of Home & Away's heroic 'gooduns' you'd completely forgotten about

Was anyone else massively on team Robbie?

By Jess Pullar
A look back at Home and Away's characters over the years almost reads like a timeline to our personal growth.
We shamelessly wept tears of joy when Robbie and Tash tied the knot in a ridiculously cute beach ceremony, we felt personally attacked when poor Rachel found out her boyfriend Kim was having a baby with his ex, and when Romeo found out he had a terminal illness, it was like losing a close pal.
Yep, we've been through some major highs and lows as loyal fans of the show over the years, and throughout it all, there have been some truly glorious Summer Bay residents to make it all feel better... well, at least a little bit.
To celebrate Summer Bay's finest we decided to take a stroll down memory lane to highlight some of the show's most legendary good guys and gals.
Honestly, if the show was real life, this lot would deserve bravery medals for some of the mish-mash those cheeky script writers have put them through.
Keep scrolling and enjoy a cheeky dose of nostalgia as we showcase the legends to grace the Bay over the years.
WATCH: Remember when Chris Hemsworth casually delivered a baby on Home and Away? See the moment below before the gallery begins...