EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away's Alex asks Willow to leave Summer Bay

Is it time to say farewell?

By TV Week team
Willow is caught between her grief and the pressure to keep the gym afloat by herself. And this week, she's offered a fresh start to leave it all behind.
At the gym, Willow (Sarah Roberts) vents to Alex (Zoë Ventoura) about her workload. Both Robbo (Jake Ryan) and Mason (Orpheus Pledger) were involved in running the business and she wants to honour their memory, but she's struggling to juggle it all.
Willow (Sarah Roberts) vents to Alex (Zoë Ventoura) about the pressures of her workload. (Image: Channel Seven)
Alex presses girlfriend Willow to leave Summer Bay with her. (Image: Channel Seven)
Alex tries to soothe her girlfriend's worries, but is interrupted by a phone call. The doctor is surprised to learn she's being offered a job in Queensland.
The next day, Alex finds Willow to tell her the big news – but to her surprise, Willow tells her to reject the offer.
Their life is in Summer Bay and she's made a commitment to look after the gym.
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Willow tells Alex she has made a commitment to look after the gym Image: Channel Seven
But Alex presses on. She believes it would be a fresh start for both of them, away from the tragedy and trauma of the past 12 months.
Willow can't deny it would help to start afresh...
Alex convinces Willow that leaving Summer Bay would provide them a fresh start Image: Channel Seven
Speaking exclusively to TV WEEK, Home And Away series producer Lucy Addario revealed what fans can expect this season, including one plot line for Sarah Roberts' husband James Stewart's character, Justin.
"Justin's strength is tested like never before," Lucy says. "He will be pushed to the brink trying to hold his family together, supporting his sister Tori as a new mother while also desperately looking for Leah."

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