Leah Patterson's wild plotlines over the past 20 years prove why she is Home and Away's ultimate heroine

She deserves a medal for all the drama she's had to deal with!

By Jess Pullar
A freak car accident, love children and kidnapping scandals are part and parcel to life on Home and Away, but there's one character in particular that tends to get dealt bad hand after bad hand.
Yep, ever since poor old Leah Patterson, played by Ada Nicodemou, arrived in Summer Bay in 2000, she's been thrown curve balls left, right and centre.
But despite the fake deaths, broken limbs and more failed relationships than we can count, Leah has remained as tough as old boots - and we love her for it.
Now, as she celebrates 20 years on the beloved Aussie soap, we thought it high time to pay homage to the character who has provided us (and many a troubled Summer Bay teen) with stability, calmness and a positive outlook, no matter what sorcery the screen writers throw at her.
Keep scrolling as we look at all the wild story lines our old mate Leah has had to endure over the last two decades. It's been one heck of a ride.