Could Leah and Justin be Home and Away’s hottest new couple?

A summer fling takes over Summer Bay!

By Maddison Hockey
As the shock news of Brody and Simone's affair spreads through Summer Bay in Home And Away this week, Justin is caught in the crossfire.
Having kept Brody's secret, Justin is facing a backlash from friends and family, except for one person: Leah.
The gorgeous brunette lends more than a friendly ear to Justin (James Stewart), resulting in an unexpected, steamy kiss!
What leads to Justin and Leah's steamy kiss?
The drama begins when Justin (James Stewart) and Mason (Orpheus Pledger) spot Brody (Jackson Heywood) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) in a tense argument.
Confronting their brother over the situation, they learn the secret of his affair is out. While a shocked Mason tears strips off Brody, Justin lacks any sympathy.
With his family in disarray, Justin takes comfort in the company of Leah (Ada Nicodemou). The friends meet for drinks at Salt and Justin vents his frustration, though he's careful not to reveal too much.
Leah points out that Brody and Mason are adults and that Justin shouldn't feel responsible for fixing their problems.
It proves perfect advice, as Justin realises how hard he's tried to fill his parents' shoes since their tragic deaths.
"We both go out to Salt to help Justin de-stress," Ada, 41, tells TV WEEK, adding with a laugh, "I guess Leah takes her 'de-stressing role' to the next level!"
Brody cops it from his brother Mason.
Soon after, Leah turns up at Justin's door with a surprise day at the beach planned. It proves the perfect pick-me-up for a man weighed down by events.
"She's having a lot of fun and loves the fact that this is so easy," Ada says of Leah.
That is, until, Justin crosses paths with Ziggy's angry father, Ben (Rohan Nichol).
When he refuses to talk to Justin and stalks off, Leah questions the odd exchange.
Downhearted by the run-in, Justin reveals to Leah the true details of Brody's affair. While Leah is shocked, she tries her best to comfort her friend.
Before long, Justin realises the only thing getting him through the day has been Leah. Gripped by a sudden rush of emotion, Justin kisses her!
Leah is there for Justin when he needs someone to talk to.
It seems an unlikely pairing, but when we look back at what Leah and Justin have been through recently, we shouldn't be surprised. Justin has played mediator for sister Tori amid her baby drama and has always been a father figure to his younger siblings.
The endless drama has taken a toll on Justin, but through it all, Leah has been pillar of support. Surely that would stir anyone's emotions.
Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, Channel Seven.

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