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When it was announced that Gogglebox fan favourites Angie and Yvie and Wayne and Tom were departing the hit series, Australia were left with a big gaping hole in their hearts.

In fact, we adored watching them so much – that some of our most favourite moments from the show – were because of them!

So now that they’ve departed, who have replaced them?

Introducing Leanne and Tim to the multiple TV Week Logie award winning show!

The Siblings have an 11-year age gap and a serious passion for cooking shows.

Check out our gallery below for info about the newest pair to hit the couch PLUS all of your favourite returning households!

Tim and Leanne

Tim and Leanne

Siblings Tim and Leanne blog together, eat together, and drink together and because of their Malaysian family heritage; family is everything for the pair,

Ever since Tim came out, his little sister – who is 11 years younger than he is – has been a huge support and advocate for LGBTQI rights.

When it comes to TV, they are passionate about cooking shows – if there’s cooking or eating, they’ll be watching!

Tim lives with his fiancé and their pup River and Leanne lives with her partner and their two Chihuahuas!

Welcome to the couch, Tim and Leanne!

The Jacksons

The Jacksons

Family of eight, The Jackson’s, is made up of mum Stacey, dad Grant and their six children: Corey, Britney, Jesse, Chase, Kane and Nate.

High school sweethearts, Grant and Stacey, and have been married for 18 years and met at a basketball game.

While Grant is a registered nurse, his wife is a say-at-home super mum and can now add a grandchild to their brood.

You can commonly find the family spread across the living room, discussing life, bringing different age perspectives to each show and being a very cute family unit.

Instagram: @TheJacksonsAU

The Silbery’s

The Silberys

Three generations of Silbery women make up this family. Daughter Isabelle, Mum Kerry and Great Grandma Emmie (Emily).

While it seems they must always be together, there’s a fourth generation as Isabelle is mum to 4-year-old Luca.

You can often see these women learning alot about each other, particularly from Emmie, who likes to “share”.

Instagram: @isabellesilbery and @thesilberys

The Delpechitra’s

The Depelchirtas

This family of five is made up of Patrick and Tracy and their three kids, Wendel, Vestal and Ethan.

You can often find Patrick “dad-dancing” or singing along and the kids horrified at how embarrassing their parents are – but we love it!

Instagram: @thedelpechitras or @vestaldelpechitra

The Dalton’s

**The Daltons*

Dad Matt is surrounded by all women. Wife Kate and their daughters Holly and Millie are your typical family with teenage girls.

The girls have practically grown up in front of us over the last few years as we’ve watched them tackle High School and uni.

Instagram: Unfortunately the family don’t seem to have public Instagram, however, if you type in #thedaltons there are some cute family snaps!

Mick and Di

Mick and Di

Mick and Di have been married for over 50 years, making them the oldest and wisest of the cast members.

Di met Mick when she was just 17-years-old and they have two children. They also have a grandson named Harvey and are hoping for maybe just one more.

You can usually find Mick and Di being horrified while watching reality TV.

Instagram: Unfortunately Mick and Di do not have Instagram that we know of, which is disappointing because we’d love to see every single artwork in their house!

Jad, Sarah Marie and Matty

Jad, Sarah Marie and Matty

Married couple Sarah Marie and Matty share their couch with friend Jad.

Bane the bulldog also gets a look in and even has his own Insta page.

Jad is the owner of The Picnic in Burwood, Sydney and Sarah Marie is a makeup artist who also models for White Runway. Matty works in the media industry and Bane spends most of his time sleeping.

You will often find the trio laughing or making fun of Jad.

Instagram: @matty_ef @jadfunk @sarahmariemakeup @banethebully

Lee and Keith

Lee and Keith

After nearly thirty three years of marriage, it’s no wonder that Keith has a habit of getting under Lee’s skin.

The couple, who have grown up kids, live in Melbourne and are the Aussie parents you’ve always dreamed about.

They most commonly can be found on their couch, Keith with a beer and Lee with a tea, where Lee will often be seen being annoyed by her husband.

Keith is a works officer while Lee enjoys retirement, being a lady of leisure.

Instagram: @carcarlton.lee_keith (we’re very impressed with their posting skills)

Anastasia and Faye

Anastasia and Faye

Anastasia and Faye are two of Gogglebox’s most popular cast members. The pair met at a Melbourne nightclub, and Faye often jokes that her friend was trying to “pick her up”.

Anastasia is a real estate agent and single mum and Faye, a senior legal assistant.

Both women are of Greek descent, so you can often find them with delicious treats, tea and hysterically calling out everyone on National television.

Instagram: @anastasia_and_faye

Adam and Symon

Adam and Symon

Best mates Adam and Symon met on a uni pub crawl and are Gogglebox’s resident larrikins.

Unfortunately, the former housemates do not live together anymore and are both off the market…you decide which is more disappointing.

Adam and Symon are most likely to be found at Symon’s place, looking completely relaxed and enjoying each other’s company.

Instagram: @symonlovett and @fossildensten

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