The funniest Gogglebox comments that had us in stitches

They say what we're all thinking!

By TV Week team
It's the television show about watching television that's surprisingly addictive and equally hilarious. As we watch the watchers of Gogglebox Australia, we can't help but giggle at their sassy, witty and uncensored comments, more often than not, because we've had them ourselves.

The Silberys

On hens' nights: "It would have been a fun party… except for the stripper. I don't want a man's crotch thrusting at me."
"Not at my face anyway."

Matty, Sarah Marie and Jad

"It looks like a Fast & Furious scene."
"It looks like Bankstown on a Friday night."

Anastasia & Faye

"Never trust a man who dyes his hair or wears white shoes."
"He's happy as Larry! Why was Larry so happy anyway?"

Angie & Yvie

On Prince William: "He's starting to look more and more like a thumb."
"Gordon Ramsay, hot? I'd rather s* in my hands and clap!"

The Delpechitras

"The local temple gives free food to people who follow that religion, so Dad pretended he was a member of that religion."
"That was a nice free meal."

Mick & Di

"They'll be getting one of my sensational emails about this!"

Adam & Symon

"What's going to be in the paleo baby broth?"
"Tears of vegetarians."
On life's three guarantees:
"Death, taxes and Grand Designs going over budget and over time."

Keith & Lee

On sex scenes: "Why is everything in slo-mo?"
"Because it lasts longer that way."
On the Titanic: "Why didn't they notice the iceberg beforehand – it's frickin' huge!"

The Jacksons

On Antiques Roadshow: "How much would the things we've thrown out over the years be worth?"

Wayne & Tom

"The bottle shop is closed because it's Good Friday."
"What's good about that, then?"

The Daltons

"You know what they have to do now? Try to find Ryan Gosling's personality."
"He's so good-looking he doesn't need a personality."

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