The Gogglebox bachelors are off the market

Adam and Symon dish the details on their blossoming romances.
Adam Densten Symon Lovett from Gogglebox

Spending hours together in front of the TV is all part of the gig for Gogglebox Australia duo Adam Densten and Symon Lovett.

But in recent months, the Melbourne couch-buddies − who are both qualified physiotherapists − have also had to fit their new girlfriends into their busy lives.

Adam met Rachel nine months ago. Self-deprecatingly, the 26-year-old laughs he may be punching above his weight.

“I’m surprised Rachel hangs around and puts up with my crap,” he says. Meanwhile, 30-year-old Symon’s relationship with Gab is still brand new.

“We’ve been together only about two months,” he tells TV WEEK. “We’re in that nice honeymoon period where it’s all restaurants and going out.”

Navigating the early stages of their romances has meant both guys have had to introduce their partners to their on-screen commitments. Rachel already recognised Adam from the reality show when they got together.

Adam (centre) posts a photo on Instagram with brother Josh and wife Jenna, his dad, mum and sister.

“She found out pretty quickly I was much more disappointing in real life, but decided she was in deep enough that she had to put up with me anyway,” he laughs.

The same can’t be said for Symon. He tried to keep his status as a TV personality under wraps – only to be unmasked on their first date.

“We were at a bar after dinner and someone came up and said, ‘Hey, you’re that guy from the show! Can I get a picture?’” he recalls.

“I had to then coyly tell her I was on Gogglebox. She just laughed and said, ‘Oh, that’s really cool. I don’t watch the show, though.’”

It still might be early days for talk of engagements or kids, but Adam has other exciting family news to share: he’s set to become an uncle. His older brother, Josh, who has been on two seasons of The Block, is expecting a baby with wife Jenna.

“I’m excited!” Adam says. “I’ll be the fun uncle who swans in, plays with them, and then, once they’re crying, they have to go back to their mum and dad.”

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