Meet the newest critics on Gogglebox Australia

Say hello to Matty, Sarah Marie and Jad.

By Jacqui King
Three new critics have joined the Gogglebox Australia crew ahead of the new season’s premiere next week.
Say hello to Matty, his fiancée Sarah Marie and best friend Jad.
Gogglebox's new recruits: Jad, Sarah Marie and Matty
The trio, who are of Lebanese descent, will bring what the producers call “Middle Eastern flavour” to the hilarious reality show.
According to the producers, Sarah Marie (who is the owner of a makeup and hair agency) is a “down-to-earth girl-next-door”, while marketing and communications director Matty is the “responsible one”. That leaves Jad, a café owner, as the larrikin.
The three of them have different tastes in TV shows – Matty loves sports, Jad loves cooking shows and Sarah Marie loves cartoons. So, what are they going to do when they all have to sit down and watch something like The Bachelorette Australia? We cannot wait to hear all their opinions on Sophie Monk’s suitors!
Adam and Symon
The show’s executive producer David McDonald said, “The most important thing about the Gogglebox cast is finding a diverse range of people who offer a variety of opinions and points of view. We’re really excited to see what Matty, Sarah Marie and Jad deliver with their unique take and opinions.”
Matty, Sarah Marie and Jad are joining the rest of the Gogglebox family which includes the Daltons, the Jacksons, the Delpechitas, Mick and Di, Angie and Yvie, Symon and Adam, Wayne and Tom, and Faye and Anastasia.
Angie and Yvie
Gogglebox season six will premiere Wednesday October 4, 7.30pm on Foxtel Lifestyle and Thursday October 5, 8.30pm on Ten.

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