Gogglebox Australia cast celebrate their Logies success ahead of the show's eighth season

'I knew we'd win!'

By Cynthia Wang
A TV show about other people watching TV? It's an interesting concept, and one that has kept viewers engaged since Gogglebox Australia first premiered in 2015.
As the show ventures in to its eighth season, we chat to the beloved cast about their 2018 TV WEEK Logie Award win for Most Popular Entertainment Program.

The Daltons

Husband and wife Matt and Katherine, cheers with their daughters Holly (far left) and Millie.
Matt and Katherine Dalton, and their two daughters Holly and Millie have been loved by fans since the first season. From his dad jokes, to the two sisters' hilarious quips, there's no denying they bring something special to the Gogglebox Australia team.
After celebrating their third win at the TV WEEK Logie Awards, the Daltons shared a happy statement with us.
"Three Logies is beyond our wildest dreams!" they said. "Really want to thank all the viewers who took the time to vote – it means so much to all people involved in such a clever show. Thanks so much!"

Anastasia and Faye

Faye (left) and Anastasia with their Logie.
Fast-talking favourites Anastasia and Faye are fans of everything from The Block, to The Big Bang Theory, to Criminal Minds. The comedic pair regularly make us giggle with their naughty comments on all the latest shows.
The ever-hilarious duo celebrated the Logies win by adding a little favour to the statue.
"So happy to add another Bombonieree to our collection!" they said.

Angie and Yvie

Angie (left) and Yvie celebrate their Logies win with some fluffy four-legged friends.
When best friends Angie and Yvie film Gogglebox Australia, they're usually joined by some extra guests – of the four-legged kind.
"Every week our friends ask us, 'Can we bring our dog over while you're filming?' and we're like, 'Sure,'" Yvie, 27, says. "Rogue dogs appear with us all the time."
When an episode airs, "their dog is on the other couch or the floor", Angie, 45, explains. "They're not starstruck at all."
The pair admit they can't imagine doing Gogglebox Australia with anyone else but each other.
"It's a pretty easy gig, but it's so much fun," Yvie says. "Each season, we say, 'Is it time to finish up?' Then we go, 'Nah', because we love it and we love people's reaction to the show."
The pair celebrated the series' third Logie win together on their phones.
"I was in Queensland," Angie says. "Yvie was at home, so we Facetimed each other during the ceremony."
Yvie was confident they'd win.
"I knew we'd get it – even against The Project," she says. "Next time it'd be good to be there in person with the other Goggleboxers to accept it!"

The Delpechitras

From the left: Wendelm, Vestal, Patrick, Tracey and Ethan cheers to their Logies win.
The Delpechitras love being on Gogglebox Australia now just as much as they did when the show first aired in 2015.
"It's so great to be at season eight," dad Patrick, 53, tells TV WEEK. "I didn't think we'd get past season one. It's awesome!"
The family celebrated the show's recent TV WEEK Logie win for Most Popular Entertainment Program via text.
"I was at home with our cats, Misty and Stitch, while the rest of the family was in LA," teacher Wendel, 30, explains.
"I texted them to say we'd won, so they celebrated in the hotel room, and I scared the cats when I jumped around here at home."
The entire family, including mum Tracey, daughter Vestal and youngest son Ethan, are all big fans of reality TV.
"We love Married At First Sight, My Kitchen Rules, The Block and The Bachelor Australia," Tracey, 50, says.
"That's my favourite, though," Patrick adds, "because I want Wendel to be next year's Bachelor."
The only aspect of being a Goggleboxer that uni student daughter Vestal isn't so keen on is having to watch sex scenes –with her parents and siblings in the room."That's the worst!" the 19-year-old says. "Especially when Mum and Dad then overshare. Talk about cringe!"

Mick and Di

Mick and Di say they're in it for the long haul.
Straight-talking art dealers Mick and Di are still celebrating Gogglebox Australia's Logie triumph.
"It was a good win, because it was much more important than the other two [for Best Factual Program]," Di says. "It was a step up the ladder."
Di's husband of 51 years, Mick, adds that the couple toasted the victory with a glass of bubbly at home, although, he admits, "by the time they got around to our award, we'd finished the bottle!"
The 76-year-olds will return for their eighth season on the couch. So what can we expect this time around?
"I think we're going to be watching a few new shows this year," Mick says. "We've been given an inkling of what to expect, but we don't really know until the crew arrive."
Di says the production staff know exactly how to win them over.
"If they bring cake, I know they're trying to sweeten us up to watch The Bachelor," she adds with a laugh. "Spare me!"
Despite their dislike of reality TV, Mick and Di still love their time on Gogglebox Australia and plan to carry on.
"We'll keep doing it for as long as it lasts," Di says. "Although, if it's still on air in 15 years, we'll be six feet under!"
Gogglebox Australia season eight premieres Wednesday, 7:30pm on Lifestyle on Foxtel, and Thursday 8:30pm on Network Ten.

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