Gogglebox Australia’s Isabelle Silbery has surgery to remove cancer polyps

Isabelle reveals she just had her second surgery to remove cancer polyps

By Tina Burke
Gogglebox Australia star Isabelle Silbery has shared some personal health news with her fans, revealing her body is 'growing cancer.'
Isabelle – who is part of the beloved Silbery family on the hit show, with her mother Kerry and grandmother Emily – shared the news in an Instagram post on Wednesday night.
The Gogglebox fan-favourite reveals she underwent surgery to remove three more cancer polyps on Tuesday, after first having been diagnosed and treated several months ago for two polyps.
"Everything is AOK. I'm not posting this for sympathy as I'm totally fine but more a little public safety announcement to anyone who has been putting off that 'check up'.....the time is now," Isabelle wrote on Instagram.

"8 months ago I was really sick in NY on a girls trip & put it down to gastro but in my gut (pardon pun) I knew something was up & chose not to ignore the symptoms," she continues.
"Turns out, I needed to have two high-grade cancer polyps cut out of my bowel a few months ago...the doc said that if left any longer, it wouldn't have been good. I won't lie, I was googling how to have sex with a colostomy bag.
"I'm becoming quite the 'bum-cam' pro, as those in the know call it, having three more polyps cut out yesterday. It's all been unexpected, I'm still annoyed that my body is growing the C word but relieved I'm on top of things now. And after the prep + starvation, the sandwiches were bloody delicious."
Isabelle with her grandmother, Emily, and mother, Kerry.
Isabelle revealed she is recovering at home now, where she shared an Instagram story of herself watching I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!
In the story, she thanked her fellow Goggleboxer Yvie for making her laugh on the show.
We're wishing Isabelle all the best as she recovers from her surgery!

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