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EXCLUSIVE: The Voice finalist Lachie Gill spills on the sweet friendship he formed with coach Rita Ora

''I couldn't have been happier being paired with Rita.''
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With the finale of The Voice just days away, nerves are at an all-time high for fan-favourite Lachie Gill, but it’s a feeling he is all too familiar with.

When the former AFL player entered the arena five weeks ago, he felt out of his comfort zone in the highly-competitive singing competition.

But through the help of his coach, mentor (and now, friend) Rita Ora, Lachie’s confidence has grown exponentially and he can’t wait to take on Sunday’s grand finale.

Lachy’s confidence has grown tenfold during the competition.

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“I couldn’t have been happier with [being paired with Rita. From the start has put so much belief in me and started to build up my confidence because that was the one thing that was lacking at the start,” he tells TV WEEK.

“I was constantly like: ‘These people around me have such big voices’ and I guess my voice isn’t that big, booming voice.

“It was hard at the start to try and put that belief in myself but she gave me that push. She kept telling me: ‘You deserve to be here. You’ve got something special.'”

Lachie says hearing reassurance from his own singing hero was what he needed to take himself “to that next level”.

Lachie says no matter what happens in the finale, he will continue to pursue his singing career.

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“Becoming friends with Rita was something that you’d never imagine. The only times I’d ever seen these people was on TV when they’re doing interviews with Jimmy Fallon.

“You never think you’re going to get to that [friendship] level with someone like that.”

The 24-year-old PE teacher says after putting Rita and her fellow coaches Keith Urban, Guy Sebastian and Jess Mauboy on a pedestal, he was pleasantly surprised to realise first-hand how down to earth they are.

“You almost think you’re just going to get a ‘too cool for school’ mentality but she genuinely gave me heaps of time, spoke to me as if I was just another human,” he says.

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“Even one of the days in rehearsals she just rocked up in such comfortable clothes and without the whole makeup situation and I was like: ‘This is so cool!’ to be hanging with someone like Rita and not in that sort of typical glamorous environment was pretty refreshing to see.

“She was so humble and down to earth.”

Heading into the finale, Lachie says no matter the outcome, he will continue to pursue his performing career.

“I’m going to put in every bit of effort I have into my music and creating songs. Regardless of winning or losing I’m giving this a crack and I’m going to work super hard to make a career in this industry.

Lachy says he’s lucky to call Rita a friend.

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“I’m just going to go super hard for however long it takes to build up a solid repertoire of songs on all the streaming platforms and hopefully build some fans that want to listen.”

Lachy, who viewers have hedged their bets on to win, says he was pleasantly surprised by his experience on The Voice.

“It was just so unexpected for me doing this show – I came in with my own opinions on what would happen – I sort of assumed it would be a bit of an ego thing and everyone’s there for themselves but it just wasn’t how it was,” he says.

Lachie says he has nothing but support for his fellow contenders.

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“So many [contestants] were so loving towards the other artists, it was never a competition with each other. Although we’re in a competition, we weren’t ‘competing’ with each other.

While the competition is heating up just three days out from the finale, Lachie says he has nothing but support for his fellow contenders Thando Sikwila, Jordan Tavita and Faith Sosene.

“They say this every year but I couldn’t have been happier with the people who were up there with me in the top four,” he says.

“We all said we genuinely do not mind who wins because we’re going to be happy regardless. I’m a big fan of all of them. They’re going to do amazing things.”

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