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The Voice winners: Where are they now?

They've been pretty busy!

By Alex Lilly
They gave us all the feels with their amazing power ballads and belters over the last six years, but have you ever wondered where our favourite contestants from The Voice are now?
Well, we decided to get our stalking hats on and have a look at what these past winners are up to now.
From Eurovision contestants to science research ambassadors, the alumni from this hit Nine Network show have achieved quite a lot since they became champions.
Have a look at what they're up to now...

Season 1: Karise Eden (2012)

She wowed everyone with her blind audition belter This Is A Man's World but since becoming Australia's first The Voice champion under judge Seal, she's had a few big moments.
Karise gave birth to her son Blayden in December 2014 and is now back on the road touring to promote her new album, Things I've Done.
Rock on mama!

Season 2: Harrison Craig (2013)

This Melbourne winner was another victory for Team Seal and isn't planning on slowing down any time soon!
Not only has Harrison released three albums, topped the ARIA charts and toured around Australia, but he's also currently working with the Murdoch Children's Research Institute as an ambassador for their Genetics of Stuttering Study as he himself has lived with a stutter since the age of four.

Season 3: Anja Nissen (2014)

After taking the season 3 crown for Team will.i.am in 2014, Anja jetted off to LA to collaborate with him and fellow music producer Cody Wise as well as produce a few more singles.
Her self-titled debut album was released in 2014 and showcased her top performances from The Voice.
In 2017, Anja took to the Eurovision stage and represented Denmark (this is when having Danish parents comes in handy!) in the final with her cracker tune Where I Am.
Anja is currently living in LA.

Season 4: Ellie Drennan (2015)

The Voice Australia's youngest winner took the crown at just 15 years old with mentor Jessie J.
You may recognise her single Hard Love that was released back in 2016, but since then she's taken some time off to focus on herself. Her Instagram is worth a follow if you're into acoustic guitar covers and super cute dog pictures.

Season 5: Alfie Arcuri (2016)

Alfie soared to victory in 2016 and soon after released his debut album Zenith which featured his orginal song, Cruel. The album peaked at number 5 on the ARIA album chart and he's also revealed new material is coming out in 2018.
He's also a big advocate for LGBTIQ+ rights and was the first openly gay winner on the show.
Speaking on the SBS show, The Feed, about growing up in a Catholic Italian household, Alfie said, "It's pretty sad to think that for 24 years of my life, I felt like an outcast in this world...without fail, every single night, from when I was a teenager, from year 7 to 12, I literally prayed every single night, to God, to make me straight."
He recently participated in the first-ever Eurovision - Australia Decides, placing fifth in the song contest.

Season 6: Judah Kelly (2017)

Flying the flag again for Team Delta, Judah's soulful country voice blew us away last year. His first album, Count On Me, was released shortly after his win and he's just finished working on a second album.
Judah's also been showing off his model skills in a recent campaign for clothing brand, Johnny Bigg.
Watch the moment Judah was crowned the winner in the player below. Post continues after video...

Season 7: Sam Perry (2018)

Sam was deemed to be a 'controversial' contestant because of his use of a looping device, but that didn't stop the Team Kelly singer from taking out the competition.
Since taking out the title and releasing his winner's single, Trust Myself, he's put out a second single, Looking For Light, and has been in several festivals incluing Perth's Sound On festival and Hyper festival. In March this year he even opened for Jaden Smith in his Australian tour.

Honourable mention: Season 2's Celia Pavey (2013)

Though she didn't win the second series of the show, Celia Pavey has come a long way.
She now goes by the stage name, Vera Blue, and her folk electro music has been tearing up the Triple J charts, with her hit All The Pretty Girls earning the number 26 spot on the Hottest 100 countdown.
Not bad for third place!

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