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The Super Switch’s “ridiculous” shock walkout as contestant completely loses it

''I'm calling the cops, I've been held against my will!''
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Looking for a bit of petty reality TV drama to fill the giant Married At First Sight-shaped whole in your life?

Well, let us introduce you to The Super Switch, Channel Seven’s brand new dating show, which just kicked off this week.

We’re only two episodes in, but already the contestants are showing us they’ve got more than enough toxic energy and poor interpersonal skills to give the stars of MAFS a real run for their money.

The premise? Couples come together and switch partners to try and spice things up in their relationship. It’s a terrible-but-awesome scenario and we can’t look away from this insane train wreck.

And at the end of episode 2, which aired on Wednesday night, we’ve been treated to a sneak peek of some of the absolutely ridiculous drama that’s about to go down.

A brief recap: The couples have officially split from their chosen lovers and have now been “switched” with another partner, so they’re sleeping in the same bed as a total stranger.

Understandably, that’s caused some tension between the contestants.

In a promo for next week’s new episode, one of the male contestants completely loses it and tries to leave the show, packing his bags in the dead of the night in a shock walkout.

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Marcus and Aimee have been dating for a year after meeting on Facebook.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Marcus, 33, has been dating Aimee, 29, a mother of two boys, for 12 months after the pair met on Facebook.

Marcus is a man-child who has a little bit of growing up to do, but he says Aimee is “inflexible” and needs to go with the flow a bit more.

Meanwhile, Aimee wants an equal partner who she can rely on.

“Marcus being immature at times and joking around does make it feel like I have a third child,” Aimee said

“We continuously fight about the same things and never resolve anything properly.”

While this off-and-on pair have broken up before, they say time apart made them realise why they wanted to remain together.

“When we broke up I missed her but now it’s about working out if I was missing her as a friend or as a partner,” Marcus said.

WATCH BELOW: The Super Switch’s Justin calls Neesha a “whinger” and “nagger”. Story continues after video.

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Well, so far, going on the show seems to have backfired for the couple, if a dramatic new promo for episode 3 is anything to go by.

The clip shows a clearly agitated Marcus hastily packing up his possessions into two suitcases and trying to leave The Super Switch mansion, ignoring the protests of his fellow contestants.

“What me to call the cops? I’m calling the cops!” Marcus is heard saying, his phone to his ear, while others cry out, “You’re being ridiculous. Don’t be ridiculous!”

Then, we hear someone say: “He’s got up and he’s gone.”

Marcus then says, “It’s kind of fight or flight. I’ve been held against my will.”

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Marcus packs up his stuff and tries to leave the mansion.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

As he tries to leave, the pyjama-clad contestants try to stop him.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Marcus says he’s calling the police as people try to stop him from leaving.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Several contestants are shown trying to reason with Marcus.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Then, Marcus is seen heading out into the dead of the night, while his fellow contestants are wrapped up in their pyjamas, clearly ready for bed.

Does this mean The Super Switch will see its very first voluntary exit?

You’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

The Super Switch airs on Channel Seven on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 7.30pm.

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