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This awkward Super Switch editing fail has eagle-eyed viewers doing a double take

Editing fails. Taking the ''real'' out of reality TV...
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The Super Switch has launched at lightning speed and already we’re slightly addicted to the tumultuous lives of our newest couples.

And while it’s mostly a show about real people in real relationships – it is after all, reality TV and some errors are bound to be made.

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In fact, on Tuesday’s episode – the very first editing fail of the season could be spotted by eagle-eyed viewers (and can be seen in the clip above).

Justin Ryland, who signed up for the show to fix his troubled relationship with his “needy” girlfriend Neesha MacLeod, was filmed at a bar on a boys’ night out.

Justin (pictured) complains he just wants to go out with his friends without girlfriend Neesha constantly texting him.

(Image: Channel Seven)

While he was sinking a few brews with his mates, Justin complains about being interrupted by a text from Neesha.

Justin pulls out his phone from his pocket as a text alert sound plays, with one of his friends asking: “Who is it?” to which Justin replies: “Who do you think it is? Neesha.”

But if The Super Switch viewers look closely at Justin’s phone, they can clearly see no text was sent and Justin is simply showing off his lock screen.


Hmmm. No text here!

(Image: Channel Seven)

Later on, Neesha is in the bedroom with Justin and she remarks “You probably carry on to your friends like ‘Oh, she won’t leave me alone, she keeps messaging me’ but it’s not like that at all!”

And judging by this massive editing fail, maybe that’s the case after all!

WATCH: The Super Switch’s Justin Ryland constantly complains about his girlfriend Neesha Macleod being “too needy”. Story continues after video…

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Justin and Neesha have been together for a year-and-a-half after first meeting at a football function.

Though the Melbourne-based couple are madly in love, they’re not kicking goals in the communication department.

Their seven-year age gap is proving complicated, as Justin would like to start a family in the near future, however, Neesha is more focused on her successful eyelash extension business for the moment.

Will they last the distance? It’s looking like it will be a bumpy ride to find out!

The Super Switch airs on Channel Seven on Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30pm

Justin and Neesha have signed up for The Super Switch to fix their troubled relationship.

(Image: Channel Seven)

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