Everything you need to know about The Super Switch on Channel Seven

Australia’s latest controversial experiment, unpacked

By Zara Zubeidi
Seven Year Switch is officially a thing of the past. The reality series has been revamped, branded "Australia's most controversial experiment" and now called The Super Switch.
So, what's the deal?
This series will focus on six brave couples who are all at a crossroads in their relationships. To put their love to the test, they will live in an experimental relationship with a total stranger. Yep, it's a group couple swap! But this year, the drama will be turned up a notch. Here's what to expect…

Super-switch mansions

Instead of moving into each others' homes, this season will see the new pairs moved in to one of two mansions, where they'll play out the experiment in groups.
Each mansion will house three experimental couples, splitting up the real relationships so they're able to explore freely. Meet the couples here.
The couples will go their separate ways for the duration of the experiment (Image: Channel Seven).

Time to decide

At the end of experiment, each contestant will reunite with their real partner before making a big decision: stay together forever or walk away for good.

Relationship guides

Couples therapist Guy Vicars and psychologist Jacqui Manning will guide the couples during the experiment. Their first task is to help them answer the question: is the grass really greener on the other side?
Relationship expert Jacqui Manning will guide the couples through the experiment (Image: Channel Seven).
Jacqui is joined by Guy Vicars (Image: Channel Seven).

Is this Married At First Sight 2.0?

An experiment that sees people paired with total strangers, heated arguments at the dinner table and physical brawls – it's little wonder The Super Switch has been compared to Married At First Sight. But Seven's new show differs in that it deals with real couples, who've met and established a relationship outside of reality TV.
MAFS stars know what they're in for, but for these people, real feelings are put on the line. I can't even imagine how confronting it would be to see where you're going wrong in your relationship!

When does The Super Switch start?

The Super Switch will premiere on Channel Seven on Tuesday June 11, at 7:30pm. It will also be airing FIRST on the network's streaming service, 7Plus, on Friday, June 7.

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