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EXCLUSIVE: How Ben Lyall’s experience on the Bachelorette convinced him to do The Super Switch

''Did I learn anything? Maybe don't go on and let the first line I talk about is poo...''
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He vied for Georgia Love’s affections in 2016 on The Bachelorette and basically, came not even close to winning her heart.

While he was only on the show for less than a week or two, suitor Ben Lyall was certainly memorable.

In fact, the now 35-year-old Wollongong miner started off spectacularly well…sort of… when tripped on his way to meet Georgia, laughing off the incident by saying: “I’m falling for you already!”

Then, leaving nothing to the imagination, Ben revealed that actually, because he was so nervous, he had already done “three nervous poos already”.

From then on, things only got more, well, entertaining until Ben was unceremoniously kicked out of the mansion – to hopefully find love elsewhere.

Now, Ben is embarking on another reality TV journey in the form of The Super Switch with partner, Christie Cassar.

And in a chat with Now to Love, Ben reveals that his Bachie experience was the reason he convinced his girlfriend to apply for the show.

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Ben Lyall was vying for Georgia Love’s heart before he went into a relationship with Christie.

(Source: Network Ten)

“You’ve probably done farts longer than I was on there,” Ben admitted of his experience on the Network Ten show. “It was definitely blink and you’ll miss it.”

And while it was only a short stint, it urged him to convince Christie to apply for the show.

“I just wanted her to also experience it,” he said.

“It was like an amazing emotional journey. It was so surreal and you know it was like an exciting time – doing media and just the production and everything.”

So did he learn anything from the last experience?

“Maybe don’t go on and let the first line I talk about is poo.”

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While we don’t want to know anymore about his bowel movements, we are excited to see Ben, be, well, Ben – because really, that’s the fun part, however, he is aware that there may be mixed feelings about him on the show.

“Yeah, anyone that knows me can tell you that that’s just me,” he said of his larger-than-life personality.

“They will say, ‘that’s just him’, he wasn’t bunging it on. People will love me or hate me.”

Ben and Christie on The Super Switch.

(Source: Channel 7)

Back in 2016, Ben’s ten-year plan involved getting married and having kids – and is one of the reasons he is embarking on this journey with girlfriend Christie.

But what you’ll be surprised to learn is that Ben has SIX houses and spends his time renovating them.

“I’m just trying to build this empire for my future ex-wife to take half of it off me – or probably 70/30 – however the courts are working it these days,” he joked.

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