The Super Switch

Super Switch gets off to an explosive start when couples clash over sleeping arrangements

“We did nothing wrong!”

By TV Week team
The first week of relationship experiment The Super Switch sees the six couples participating find out who they'll be matched with, before laying down the rules about what happens when they share a bed.
Everyone has an opinion about what's acceptable – and it doesn't take long for some of the group to see red at the first sit-down dinner.
Lachlan, 27, says it's "wrong" that Tyler and his switch partner Christie are sharing a bed.
Meanwhile, his own switch partner, Neesha, 22, says there's "no way in hell" she'd sleep in a bed with him.
Lachlan thought it was "wrong" that any of the couples share a bed (Image: Channel Seven).
"It was confronting," Tyler, 28, tells TV WEEK. "They were coming at us and saying what we were doing was wrong. But in our eyes, we trusted our partners, and ourselves.
"We [Christie and I] definitely felt like we were being attacked."
Christie, 28 – whose real-life partner is former Bachelorette star Ben – admits that living together in a mansion with other Switch couples was tough.
"There's a bit of tension and judgement, because you're looking at each other and going, 'Oh, you shouldn't be doing that'," she explains.
"I appreciate the others' opinions and like to hear what they have to say. But in the end, I'm going to make the choices that are best for me and my partner."
Tyler and Christie are criticised for sharing a bed (Image: Channel Seven).
The controversial experiment is already making waves, with jealous partners and bar brawls teased in the show's early trailers.
Super Switch psychologist Jacqui Manning, who will guide the contestants through, admits she was concerned about joining the series.
"To be honest, yes, there were concerns about how the viewers will receive us as therapists," she tells TV WEEK, saying she was aware of the backlash against the MAFS love experts.
However, Jacqui says the show has "good intentions" and hopes viewers will see that when it premieres.
Jacqui Manning joins the reality series as a psychologist (Image: Channel Seven).
The Super Switch airs Tuesday and Wednesday, 7.30pm, Channel Seven.

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