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EXCLUSIVE: The Super Switch’s Justin defends THOSE controversial comments

''Typical female. They carry on, whinge, nag...''
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The Super Switch has only delivered ONE episode and already we’ve got a candidate for the show’s potential villain.

On Tuesday’s episode, we were introduced to Justin, boyfriend of beautician Neesha, and let’s just say, our introduction to him was less than…pleasant.

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During a boys night, Justin received numerous texts from his girlfriend – who is a self-confessed needy partner – but it was his reaction that had us saying, umm what?

When quizzed by a friend about how he and Neesha “were going”, Justin responded with: “Same old mate. You know what it’s like. Typical female. They carry on, whinge, nag…”

After his phone goes off again, his friend asks: “Who is it?” to which another says, “Who do you think it is? Neesha.”

“Jeez she does my head in!” Eeep.

Justin was out on a boys night when he said: “Typical female. They carry on, whinge, nag…”

(Source: Channel 7)

In an exclusive chat with Now to Love, we spoke to Justin to gave him a chance to defend his very controversial comments!

“It’s a blokey thing to say I guess,” Justin said of the comments.

“When you’re with the boys – it’s just a typical thing to say when you’re with the guys.”

In fact, the 29-year-old felt that the comments were definitely warranted.

“It depends on the situation,” he admitted. “I mean, it’s how you’re feeling at the time and you’ve been given a little bit of freedom and then you’re being hounded.”

While he is certainly not overly sorry for his actions, he has taken the time to look at it from his girlfriend’s point of view.

“Seeing her reaction, it does make you reflect on it a lot and then seeing it from other’s perspectives you know, makes you think, maybe I am a little bit of a p–ck!”

But what does he have to say to the negative attention he might receive because of his comments?

“Not much fazes me and my mates give me a bit of hate so I’m fairly used to it.”

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”Maybe I am a little bit of a p–ck!” Justin didn’t like seeing Neesha’s reaction.

(Source: Channel 7)

Surprisingly, Neesha and Justin have hung out together in each other’s circles (even though Justin’s Insta tells another story) but he is after all, a “guy’s guy”.

“I’ve always had a lot of mates and we’ve always done a lot of “boy” things and the girls sort of stick with doing their own thing.”

“You know, we go to the footy, and it’s a mate’s birthday and we just sort of keeping it that way.”

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Justin and Neesha have been together for a year-and-a-half after first meeting at a football function. Though the Melbourne-based couple are madly in love, they’re not kicking goals in the communication department.

Their seven year age gap is proving complicated, as Justin would like to start a family in the near future, however, Neesha is more focused on her successful eyelash extension business for the moment.

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