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The Super Switch’s Tyler claims: “Olga worries I’ll leave her”

He says Olga's jealous ways are the norm
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The Super Switch viewers might be shocked to see Olga blow up at Tyler every time he speaks to another girl. But for Tyler, it’s a frequent occurrence.

The Canadian – who runs a digital marketing business – says the 27-year-old’s jealousy has even jeopardised his career.

“Olga once went into my files and deleted all the photos of a model from a photo shoot because she wasn’t happy about it,” Tyler reveals to TV WEEK.

“She also messaged a client once and said, ‘Stay away from my fiancé. He’s in a relationship.'”

Tyler says Olga’s jealous ways are the norm…

Tyler can’t understand where Olga’s insecurities stem from, as neither of them has ever cheated. He thinks that moving to Australia from Canada four years ago could have played a part.

“Things changed,” he says. “She started to feel less beautiful, maybe. She was worried I’d leave her. She used to work at Hooters, where people were looking at her and making her feel beautiful.

“I know guys go there to look at the girls, but she’d come home to me,” he adds. “That’s all that matters”.

Tyler is used to Olga making a scene.

For Olga’s part, she says their decision to settle down in Australia is putting a strain on their relationship.

Missing her family, Olga is hoping to return to Canada, though Tyler isn’t ready to “give up” on the life they have built here.

“I really miss my family and I have missed a lot of big things in their life by being on the other side of the world, so this makes it hard to want to plan a wedding and make future goals together,” says Olga.

The Super Switch airs Tuesday and Wednesday, 7.30pm, Channel Seven.

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