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Where to find every single Super Switch contestant on Instagram

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It’s the Channel Seven dating show that is set to fill the void its rivals like Married At First Sight and The Bachelor left temporarily vacant.

And as The Super Switch gets set to kick off on June 11, more and more promos continue to drop of its soon-to-be-stars boasting larger-than-life personalities.

The “controversial experiment” will introduce viewers to six new couples, whose relationships are in dire trouble. To find out if they’re really with “the one” these participants will switch partners.

Each participant will be paired with a like-minded stranger who reflects their own behaviours, prompting them to question their relationship and its problems.

The “experiment” will divide the participants, with three couples living in two separate houses. They will be guided by couples therapist Guy Vicars and psychologist Jacqui Manning.

At the end of the experiment, these couples will reunite with their real partner, before deciding if they want to stay together or go their separate ways.

But we can’t wait for the show to air and have done a sneak stalk of their Instagram accounts, hoping to find some clues of what these people are really like (and if they’re newly single).

Super Switch

Will Justin and Neesha stay together? Maybe the ‘gram has clues!

(Image: Channel Seven)

Scroll through to see where you can find The Super Switch contestants’ Instagram accounts.

(Image: @rominaykendrick/ Instagram)

Romina Anaquin Instagram: @rominaykendrick

(Image:@tytyfranko/ Instagram)

Tyler Franko Instagram: @tytyfranko

(Image: @marcus_weston86/Instagram)

Marcus Weston Instagram: @marcus_weston86

(Image: @olgatori)

Olga Tori Instagram: @olgatori

(Image: @miranda_lieshout/ Instagram)

Miranda Van Lieshout Instagram: @miranda_lieshout

(Image: @neeshamacleod/ Instagram)

Neesha MacLeod Instagram: @neeshamacleod

(Image: @christie.cassar/ Instagram)

Christie Cassar Instagram: @christie.cassar

(Image: @p3tchy9/ Instagram)

Lachlan Petch Instagram: @p3tchy9

(Image: @benlyall1/ Instagram)

Ben Lyall Instagram: @benlyall1

(Image: @kendrickbachata/ Instagram)

Kendrick Jefferson Instagram: @kendrickbachata

(Image: @jryland8/Instagram)

Justin Ryland Instagram: @jryland8

(Image: @aimee.hope/ Instagram)

Aimee Nicole Hope Instagram: @aimee.hope

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