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Introducing The Super Switch: the dating show set to be more explosive than Married At First Sight

Pub brawls, "clingy" girlfriends and a former Bachelorette contestant make this the next must-watch.
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With Married At First Sight done and dusted for another year, dating show aficionados are desperate to get a fix of relationship drama before The Bachelor kicks off.

And just in the nick of time, Channel Seven has dropped new promos for The Super Switch, which looks set to fill the void left behind.

The Super Switch is a super-sized version of Seven Year Switch, where couples in flailing relationships swap partners in an attempt to fix their issues.

In one of the promos, fists and furniture fly as tension between the couples become too much and two men are embroiled in a violent pub brawl.

But the emotional drama is just as intense, with couples seen going head to head at dinner parties in the promo after it emerges that an experimental couple had slept in the same bed.

WATCH: Controversial The Super Switch contestant complains about his girlfriend “smothering” him. Post continues after video…

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“How the hell can you trust yourself in bed with another girl?” one woman rages at a blonde beauty and her “partner”.

Directing his anger at the same couple, another man at the table spits: “To me, that is completely wrong. You’re not meant to sleep in a bed with another girl!”

He then leaves the rest of the table gobsmacked when he adds: “You know, there’s a lot of little trollops about.”

WATCH: Meet The Super Switch’s Lachlan and Miranda. Post continues after video

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Remember him? Ben will appear in The Super Switch but previously vied for Georgia Love’s heart in The Bachelorette. (Image: Network Ten)

Meanwhile, another tumultuous couple has issues of their own, with a man admitting he’d signed up for the experiment because his girlfriend Neisha was “too needy”.

“The things that bother me are the clinginess, the neediness. The last thing you want is someone smothering you,” he complains.

His jealous streak also soon emerges as he threatens her partner in the experiment with violence, telling him: “If I heard you’d touched Neisha, I’d rip your head off!”

Eagle-eyed Bachelorette fans may notice a familiar face in the cast – with former suitor Ben Lyall spotted in the teasers alongside his girlfriend Christie.

Ben vied for Georgia Love‘s heart in 2016 but ultimately lost out to Lee Elliott.

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