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It’s over: Shock Seven Year Switch split

Tim and Tallena’s partners have finally found out what they’ve been up to, and they’re not happy.
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They slept together, romped naked in a spa and got matching tattoos – so it’s not surprising Tim and Tallena’s partners had a lot of questions last night.

It was the first time the Seven Year Switch couples had met each other’s partners and Jackie was up first – and top of her mind was those matching tattoos.

She had been shown a photo of Tim and Tallena getting inked but assumed they were faking it – to which Tallena pulled off her sock and proudly showed off her fresh tatt.

“Well then, Tim and I are over,” Jackie said. “Done. If he wants to get a rise out of me that bad that he’s willing to get a tattoo with you, then yeah, he can get f—ed. I would never in a million years get a tattoo with someone else’s partner.”

Tallena tried to defend Tim, but Jackie wouldn’t have it: “Nup. Over. You can tell him. Over. He can get f—ed.”

Jackie was devastated

Meanwhile, in a pub across town, Brad and Tim were getting down to business, with Brad opening proceedings by asking if Tim had ever shared a bed with Tallena.

Tim admits he got into bed with her once but claims she got straight out.

“So you attempted to sleep next to my partner?” Brad said. “Why would you put her in that predicament or me or Jackie? That’s pretty low. I’m a little disheartened from hearing you tried to jump in bed next to my partner.”

Brad then asks if Tim had been in the spa with Tallena. He admits they had, but pretends to be sketchy on the details – like whether they had clothes on or not.

“Was she in a bikini? I can’t even remember to be honest,” he said.

The spa? Tim’s face says it all.

Brad is not happy. “It’s not a frat party. Like, f*** man, that’s ridiculous,” he said. “It really is. That pissed me off. You’re aren’t thinking about your other partners.”

Then it’s time to talk about the tattoo, which Tim thinks is a barrel of laughs until Brad tells him Jackie wants to split up because of it.

And Jackie’s not the only one who wants to call it quits – Brad has decided he wants to dump Tallena, but reconsider when he reads a sweet letter from her.

“I still love her and I still want to marry her. At the end of this, as soon as I get home, I’m gonna have a cheque waiting for our wedding,” he said. “Nothing’s gonna stop me proceeding with our wedding.”

But does Tallena feel the same way? We will find out next week.

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