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Take a guess who’s under there! Every wacky costume revealed by The Masked Singer 2022

Rob Irwin is that you?
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The Masked Singer is back for 2022, and Network 10 has been dropping hints like flies ahead of its August 7 premiere.

This season will feature a new group of panellists made up of OG Dave Hughes, as well as newcomers Chrissie Swan, Abbie Chatfield, and Spice Girl Mel B.

The wacky show adapted from its original Korean counterpart is famous for its incredible and campy costumes, designed by Oscar, BAFTA, and AFI-winning costume designer Tim Chappel.

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Just when you think they’re about to run out of ideas, we’re blown away every year!

We can’t wait to discover who the celebs underneath the out-there attire are, but some fans are already making epic guesses like Robert Irwin, Natalie Imbruglia, and Amy Shark.

While we speculate and wait for the show’s exciting unmaskings, here is every costume we’re going to see on stage in 2022.

Could Mirrorball be a disco queen?

(Image: Ten)


According to Ten Play, the star underneath Mirrorball has performed on “dancefloors across the world,” and she’s “ready to shine” on The Masked Singer.

Popcorn is ready to shine!

(Image: Ten)


Popcorn is one-half of an epic performing act, but now they are ready to stand on their own, according to Ten Play.

He’s a crooner!

(Image: Ten)


Ten’s teaser suggests the judges may feel “too chicken” to guess who is behind the clucky mask. But apparently, he’s the wake-up call we need! Could Rooster be a morning television mainstay?

What’s in a name?

(Image: Ten)


Ten Play teases that Snapdragon’s flower power-inspired costume is inspired by the celebrity’s namesake, and they’re comfortable under the spotlight. All we need to do is “see them bloom.”

We’re convinced this is Robert Irwin.

(Image: Ten)


The words “cutest” and “giant iconic shoe” are two keywords Ten Play has dropped about the Thong. So, guess who is iconic and filling massive shoes? You guessed it!

Tiger is a little intimidating.

(Image: Ten)


We don’t know much about Tiger except he’s “rockin.” Which can only mean they’re a rockstar and ready to growl.

We’re stumped by this one!

(Image: Ten)


The Zombie looks freaky and cute with her pink hair, and Ten Play has dropped some pointed hints like we’re “obsessed with her looks,” and her identity will “still have us scratching our head 28 Days Later.”

Apparently this one’s going to be annoying to guess.

(Image: Ten)


So, Ten Play has revealed blowfly will sound familiar, but we won’t be able to place him, and it’s going to “really bug” us.

Will we lose our heads watching the knight?

(Image: Ten)


We haven’t gotten any clues about the Knight from Ten but we can only assume he’s not to be messed with.

What a cutie!

(Image: Ten)


Ten is also tight-lipped about Caterpillar, but maybe this cutie will be our biggest surprise.

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