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Scott Cam on why he dreads The Block auction day: “We have no control!”

The show's host reveals why he's the only one not looking forward to the finale...
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After the dust has settled, it comes down to this: The Block auction.

But despite the season-long build-up, host Scott Cam isn’t looking forward to the day at all.

“It’s one of the only days that I wake up nervous,” the 55-year-old says. “I just have no idea what’s going to happen. And the worst thing is we have no control over it.”

The Block’s Shelley Craft and Scott Cam.

In a season that’s had its share of dramas, we could be in for more tears. Forecasters are predicting the residential property market will plummet.

“The market is changing, but I think high-end properties are surviving,” Scott says. “There will be buyers there, it’s just a matter of how much they want to pay.”

Scott also admits he’s concerned about the reserve prices. A reserve − the price stipulated as the lowest acceptable by the seller at auction − that’s set too high can spell heartbreak for contestants.

“Sometimes the reserve prices do shock me,” he says. “Most of the time I’m wrong, and the prices are done off the plan before the show even kicks off.”

Fans show their support outside The Gatwick.

Scott hopes the hard work will pay off for the teams, who have taken on a major task at The Gatwick.

“It’s the biggest construction we’ve ever taken on – there was a lot of demolition and a lot of steel going in, so it’s been massive, no doubt about it.”

Heading into auction day, Queenslanders Norm and Jess are favourites, but Scott knows it’s too early to pick a winner.

“Norm and Jess are shaping up well, they’re looking good,” he says. “But they have the penthouse, and the apartments downstairs are bigger. At this stage, it’s anyone’s game.”

Jess and Norm are favoured to win.

The Block finale airs Sunday, 7:30pm, on Nine.

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