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The Block 2018: Finale secrets revealed by contestants

Auction day is here for the five teams on The Block!

By Zara Zubeidi
It's tools down for the five teams on The Block, with the contestants preparing themselves for the upcoming auction day at The Gatwick.
Ahead of the season finale, we caught up with all of your favourite Blockheads to find out more about their plans for after the show.

Jess & Norm: "Our TV plans!"

Jess and Norm are open to TV offers.
As soon as auction day is over, Jess and Norm have one thing on their minds: finding Norm a job.
"Norm has had to shut down his business because of The Block and all the promotion he's had to do," Jess, 33, tells TV WEEK.
"As soon as the show finishes, he has to find work − because we're broke!"
Despite Jess and Norm's fears, it's hard to imagine the true-blue Aussies will have much to stress about.
Viewers are already hoping to see the likeable Queenslanders star on their own TV show.
"Australia has seen us," Jess says.
"If they want us, they want us. If they don't, they don't. Whatever happens, we'll still be having a beer on the deck!"
Builder Norm, 40, adds, "We didn't go into the show to chase fame or popularity. It's something that's snuck up on us. We just wanted to go in, have a crack and try to make a bit of cash to make our lives easier and to spend more time with the kids."

Courtney & Hans: "We're in no rush to wed!"

For Hans and Courtney, it's house first, wedding later.
You'd think recently engaged Western Australians Courtney and Hans would want to put any auction winnings towards their wedding – but they have other ideas.
"It'll be going towards the house," Hans, 37, tells TV WEEK.
Courtney, 33, adds, "We're in no rush to get married. We've honestly not thought about it, because we've just been so focused on The Block.
"All I know is it will be something small, with good friends, good food and good wine."
Meanwhile, airline pilot Hans, 37, has won himself a somewhat surprising group of admirers during his time on the hit renovation show.
"There was this guy at the open inspections who went into The Block shop and bought a framed picture of us," he explains. "He then asked me to write a message on it for his mum, because she loves me."
Flight attendant Courtney adds with a laugh, "People keep coming up to him to say, 'My mum thinks you're hot!'" with Hans quipping, "That must be my demographic!"

Kerrie & Spence: "What we've learnt"

Kerrie was there for Spence when he needed her.
One of the most explosive moments on this year's season was when South Australian couple Kerrie and Spence stormed off set after Dan insisted they redo their living room.
After having a meltdown, builder Spence revealed his struggle with depression and anxiety. It was something nurse Kerrie, 48, had no idea about until the show."I hadn't seen any of it in our relationship," she tells TV WEEK.
"It's awful to see someone suffer and not be able to do anything about it.
"But we've always been super-strong and it can only make things better when you survive something like that."
For his part, Spence, 46, is grateful for Kerrie's support, saying, "I couldn't have done it without her."
Spence's experience has encouraged him to raise awareness of mental health. He now supports I Am Worthmore – a charity that promotes mental health education.
"I've had loads of people reach out to me on Instagram," he says. "The response was incredible."

Sara & Hayden: "Our baby plans are on hold!"

They fought, but The Block has brought them closer together.
Newlyweds Sara and Hayden were keen to try for another baby once filming for The Block ended – but they've since had a change of heart.
"At the moment, we're focused on the auction and renovating our own place," Sara, 31, reveals to TV WEEK. "We want our little girl [Harlow, who's 16 months old] to have a garden."
The former flight attendant says the show has brought her and Hayden, 45, closer – despite the heated arguments we've seen on TV.
They've also been given the validation they've been seeking after weeks of setbacks and low scores.
Rose Banks, one of the twin sisters who formerly owned The Gatwick, is tipped to bid on their art-deco-inspired apartment come auction day.
"Everyone told us nobody wants to be inspired by the old Gatwick, but we stood our ground," Sara says proudly.
"They want to be reminded of the old building because that's who they are, that's where they came from."

Bianca & Carla: "We'd love to return to The Block!"

Biance and Carla fancy being guests in 2019.
Former professional netballers Bianca and Carla have no regrets about their time on the show and say they'd do it again "in a heartbeat".
The pair hope to be invited back next year as guests, in the same way 2017 Blockheads Ronnie and Georgia − who appeared on the show again this season − were.
"We'd love to have the opportunity to work on The Block again," Carla, 35, tells TV WEEK. "We had the best time. It's a unique experience."
Unlike their fellow Blockheads, Bianca and Carla didn't lose their cool at any point in the show – or break down, for that matter. But that's not to say they didn't struggle.
"I had to see an osteopath at one point because I lost feeling in my arms from so much painting," Bianca, 36, says.
Carla adds, "I came down with a migraine during the last week of the challenge apartment and had to go to bed. My body just shut down − I was emotionally and physically exhausted." The Block airs Monday 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, Nine Network.

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