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Ant Middleton’s unexpected reaction as Melissa Wu collapses in horror SAS Australia challenge

See what happened seconds before she hit the ground.
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SAS Australia viewers were left on the edge of their seats tonight when Melissa Wu passed out in the middle of a shocking challenge.

But it was Ant Middleton’s reaction to his recruit’s collapse that left fans even more amazed.

After heading into a shack filled with noxious tear gas for a confronting hostage rescue challenge, Melissa began to struggle and was sent outside by one of the DS to recover.

But just moments after exiting the room, the Olympic diver collapsed face-first into the ground, DS Ant Middleton rushing forward to try to help her.

Ant Middleton jumped into action as Melissa Wu suddenly passed out.

(Image: Channel Seven)

He immediately called for medics, hoisting Melissa’s unconscious form up before quickly placing her on her side in a recovery position and making sure her airways were clear.

Shocked and disoriented as she returned to consciousness, Melissa quickly tried to sit up but was urged to relax by Ant and the medic.

In a touching and unexpected moment of support, the usually hardened Chief Instructor wrapped his arm around Melissa and gently cradled her face to calm her down.

“Relax, relax, relax. We’re here. We are here with you, breathe,” he told her quietly as the medic placed an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose.

“It’s okay now,” Ant told the Olympian, who had sustained grazes across her face, before she asked what had happened.

Ant was surprisingly gentle with Melissa, holding her close as she recovered.

(Image: Channel Seven)

“It doesn’t matter what happened, you just relax. All we want you to do is relax, alright,” he replied, wiping dirt and blood from her face.

“Don’t worry about anything else apart from yourself. Just concentrate on your breathing. We’re here.”

Ant then helped Melissa to her feet and sent her away with the medic for further treatment under the supervision of DS Clint Emerson.

Though she quickly recovered, Melissa didn’t recall passing out after the brutal challenge; which may be for the best, given the nasty fall she went through.

Injuries are far from uncommon on SAS Australia, with recruits suffering everything from popped ribs to dislocated elbows on the show.

Ant stayed close by, gently reassuring Melissa as she came back into consciousness.

(Image: Channel Seven)

But viewers rarely see the DS, especially Chief Instructor Ant Middleton, respond to gently to injured recruits, showing a completely different side to the usually hard-as-nails team.

“Poor Melissa, that was some face plant 😬 love how Ant goes into dad mode,” one fan wrote on Twitter as the episode aired.

Another commented on Ant’s sudden break in character, writing: “Even Ant was a bit scared when Melissa passed out 😯 “

Over on Facebook, diehard fans confessed it was touching to see another side of the DS.

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“How Ant was with Melissa: caring, gentle & kind – in contrast to his SAS self- made me cry, it was lovely to see that side of Ant,” one penned.

“Ant Middleton is such a gentle giant, hard as on the outside but a big softy inside. He’s gorgeous.. Melissa Wu hope she’s feeling okay… strong girl!” said another.

While they come across as tough military men on our TV screens, moments like these serve as a surprising reminder that the DS aren’t just insult-screaming task masters.

In fact, many of them have families and kids at home, including Ant Middleton; perhaps he tapped into some of his more fatherly qualities as he comforted Melissa after her terrifying ordeal?

While her injury certainly isn’t the worst we’ve seen on the show, the dramatic moment definitely makes it onto our list of most intense SAS Australia injuries.

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