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EXCLUSIVE: The shocking lengths Married At First Sight stars will go to for fame – but you won’t see it on camera

''Things started to get heated during production.''
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After learning the hard way from previous seasons, producers have had to go to great lengths to keep the latest stars of Married At First Sight in line.

But it appears it’s going to take a lot more than stern warnings and social media bans to keep this cast under control, with Woman’s Day hearing that some have found ways to enlist previous contestants to help them capitalise on their 15 minutes of fame!

“As soon as things started to get heated during production, the majority of this year’s participants started to reach out to former cast members for advice on how to get the most airtime and how to stay relevant once filming ends,” says a well-placed source.

They have been asking previous contestants how to succeed.

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“Bryce Ruthven, Jessika Power and even Nasser [Sultan] have almost been coaching the cast for months – even suggesting storylines that’ll ensure big headlines.

“After realising the ‘villains’ often get the most opportunities post-show, Selin Mengu really ran with this and told friends she’ll willingly cause a stir if it will pay off in the end.

“She’s a fulltime single mum with a three-year-old and she’ll happily become this year’s Beck Zemek if that’s what it takes.”

Also looking at making the most of her time in the sun is Ella Ding.

WATCH: Ella asks Mitch the hard questions on their wedding night. Story continues after video.

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Dubbed this year’s Martha Kalifatidis, the 27-year-old raven-haired beauty has called upon her predecessor to help her navigate the murky waters on reality TV fame and what she has to do to achieve notoriety.

“Ella started forming media connections during filming and everybody has advised her that if she hopes to build a profile like Martha, she has to remain with Mitch no matter what,” says the insider.

“She understands that’s the only way to ensure the spotlight remains on her long enough to establish herself in the beauty and fashion space.

“Ella started forming media connections during filming.”

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“Fake it until you make it is the number-one rule everybody has told her.”

And it’s not just the brides who are desperate for attention, with our source saying that Al Perkins is hellbent on making it in the UK.

“He saw Jessika Power land a huge dating show in the UK and reckons he’ll easily get snapped up for Ex On The Beach, Love Island or even Geordie Shore. Getting paid to party is a dream for him.”

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