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MAFS’ Mike Gunner just started a podcast and there’s A LOT to unpack

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Every up-and-coming reality star knows they have a very small window after their TV show stops airing to really capitalise on their 15 minutes of fame.

If they’ve got a passion project they’ve been desperate to get off the ground or want an all-expenses-paid trip to Bali, they’ve got to act fast.

So just weeks after Married At First Sight wrapped up, one of the show’s most controversial grooms, Mike Gunner, has launched his own podcast.

Well, he’s calling it a podcast. But it’s really a podcast filmed on camera, then uploaded to YouTube.

Yes, Mike Gunner now has a YouTube channel, called Mike Gunner Podcast.

But before you DM Chloe Morello and tell her to watch out for her newest competitor, let’s take a little look at some of the highlights from Mike’s debut 35-minute episode.

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Is Mike a blogger now? (Image: YouTube)

Mike, who has an astonishing 138,000 Instagram followers, asked his followers to send in questions, some of which he answered during a casual sit-down chat in front of a brick wall, covered in graffiti.

But if you were expecting the electrician to dish the dirt on what really happened behind the scenes on MAFS, you’re going to be disappointed.

“Oh by the way, in case you were wondering, I can’t really talk about you-know-what, the thing that rhymes with GAFS, because I’m just not allowed to,” Mike said.

NW understands Mike is still under contract with Channel Nine, which means he must adhere to strict rules dictating exactly what he can say about the show.

So what exactly will Mike be talking about on his podcast?

“Other stuff,” he claims.

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Mike was slammed as a gaslighter on MAFS. (Image: Channel Nine)

MAFS fans were outraged at the way Mike treated Heidi on the show. (Image: Channel Nine)

And what where some of the pearlers Mike’s fans asked him instead?

“If you were stuck in an elevator all day that was playing one song, what would it be?”

Mike’s answer? “Pearl Jam – Black.”

The other questions were equally probing.

When one follower asked about cheating in relationships, Mike said, “Once you’ve lost trust, you’re going to struggle to get it back. There’s no excuse for being a cheater. Walk away.”

His biggest life lesson to date? “Be kind to people.”

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One bold follower totally went there and asked the question we are all thinking: “Is Mike having a mid life crisis?”

According to the man himself, that’s a hard no.

“Do I look like I’m having a mid life crisis? I’m just having fun! Really? Maybe I am. Maybe this is a mid life crisis. I mean, what the hell are we doing right now? I’m the same as I ever was.”

It seems it might take Mike a little while to build up the kind of following he’s after on YouTube.

On Wednesday afternoon his video had received just three views, and his #mikegunnerpodcast hashtag wasn’t exactly taking off on Instagram.

If you’d like to waste 35 minutes of your life and help Mike clock up some more views, you can watch the whole thing here.

This is so sad. (Image: YouTube)

RIP Mike’s dignity. (Image: Instagram)

Mike quickly became one of the most controversial stars on MAFS, thanks to his treatment of his onscreen “bride” Heidi Latcham.

And it all came to a head during the finale, when despite having parted ways after weeks of back-and-forth drama, Mike admitted he was still in love with Heidi.

Watch the heartbreaking moment below. Story continues after video.

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Despite his raw confession, the pain Mike caused Heidi was too much to overcome.

When asked if she also felt the same way, she bluntly replied: “Nup”.

Heidi absolutely hit the nail on the head when she revealed that she had “lost a part of herself” while in the toxic relationship with Mike.

“We were not making ourselves better people by being together,” she told Mike.

“When it’s good it’s wonderful for us, it’s magical for us. But when it’s bad, it is soul-destroying.”

In the end, they both knew there was too much water under the bridge, declaring any possibility of a “reconciliation” was off the table.

Now, while Mike is busy jumping on the podcast trend, Heidi seems to be living her best life, posing up a storm and showing off her killer body.

We know who we’d rather be!

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