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MAFS finale: Heidi has a massive bomb to drop on her split from Mike and we’re desperate to hear her UNLEASH!

She's about to reveal what REALLY went down with Mike!
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Of all the contestants on Married At First Sight with a juicy story to spill, Heidi Latcham surely takes the cake.

All season, we have watched the vivacious radio host be smacked down time and time again by her “husband” Mike Gunner, as he refused to actually listen to anything she had to say, never taking her feelings or her emotions seriously.

Heidi’s been gaslighted. Emotionally manipulated. Taken for a fool.

And it’s going stop, once and for all, because she’s about to reveal EXACTLY what went down with Mike.

During Monday night’s finale, we saw that Heidi finally put her foot down, declaring enough is enough.

Despite a heartbreaking confession from Mike that he’s still in love with her, the pain he caused was too much to overcome.

When asked if she also felt the same way, she bluntly replied: “Nup”.

Heidi absolutely hit the nail on the head when she revealed that she had “lost a part of herself” while in the toxic relationship with Mike.

“We were not making ourselves better people by being together,” she told Mike.

“When it’s good it’s wonderful for us, it’s magical for us. But when it’s bad, it is soul-destroying.”

Heidi and Mike both broke down, holding hands as they admitted they missed each other.

But they knew there was too much water under the bridge, declaring any possibility of a “reconciliation” was off the table.

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Heidi and Mike both broke down during the finale. (Image: Channel 9)

“I’m a bit sad to talk,” Mike said. (Image: Channel 9)

Poor Heidi! (Image: Channel 9)

But since the finale was filmed about two months ago, something serious has gone down.

On the weekend, feminist author and commentator Clementine Ford teased us on Instagram, hinting that Heidi has some MASSIVE bombs to drop.

“Just had a fascinating conversation with the divine @heidslatcham. What an incredible WOMAN. Can’t wait for her to be able to speak freely about her experience on #mafs,” Ford captioned this Instagram selfie of the pair.

Feminist writer Clementine Ford with Heidi at a media event. (Image: @clementine_ford/Instagram)

“I actually don’t know why I’m shocked at anything in here anymore,” Heidi captioned this pic. (Image: Channel 9)

Heidi is still under contract with Channel 9 and has been mute since late January, refusing to do any interviews or press commitments.

And if you take a closer look at what she’s been posting on Instagram while MAFS has been airing, you’ll notice her photo captions are distinctly … vague.

She is contractually obliged to promote the show on social media, but she’s been careful to ensure there’s nothing too positive OR negative on the ‘gram.

Alongside a tense photo of her and Mike, she jokingly wrote, “Fun times in paradise 🌴🌴 #MAFS”, and on another, she said: “Oh yeah…good times 😝 #MAFS”.

WATCH BELOW: Mike breaks down during the MAFS finale. Story continues after video.

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A source told NW that unlike her fellow MAFS participants, Heidi is rarely seen out in public and has been absent from any media events.

“She’s been laying low since the start of the year,” the source said.

“Heidi’s really focused on her work and finding her feet again after the show ended.”

We cannot wait until Heidi is ready to let loose and reveal what REALLY happened with Mike – stay tuned and we’ll bring you every single update as it happens.

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