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EXCLUSIVE: Has MAFS' Mike already moved in with his new girlfriend?

It sure looks that way!

By NW team
Mike wasted no time moving on from his failed romance with Heidi.
Sources claim the star's already practically living with his new love, 26-year-old Gold Coast girl Casey Stewart!
"Mike and Casey have been spending a lot of time together. She stays at his place a lot," a source tells.
Mike's been forced to deny his relationship with Casey, who's the daughter of Gina Stewart – aka 'The World's Hottest Grandma' – claiming last week, "She's a great-looking girl and I'm sure she's a lovely person, but I've got nothing to do with her."
Mike does admit he knows Casey and they've hung out socially, and NW hears that with the show over this week, the pair will finally be free to go public!
"Casey's so excited for everyone to finally know about her and Mike," says the insider.
Mike Gunner and rumoured new girlfriend Casey Stewart. (Source: Channel 9//Instagram @casey_stewart)
Back in March, Woman's Day reported that he had begun dating Casey the daughter of Gina Stewart, aka the 48-year-old "World's Hottest Grandmother."
"Mike and Casey have been spending a lot of time together and she stays at his place on the Gold Coast a lot," a source revealed.
"They're planning to go public after the show, once Mike's commitments finish."
Casey, who works in construction and is a part-time model, has liked a number of Mike's photos on Instagram, except the ones featuring Heidi.
"They're planning to go public after the show, once Mike's commitments finish," the source revealed at the time.
Mike inset with girlfriend Casey on the left and mum Gina on the right both look like MAFS stars! (Images: Channel Nine/Instagram @casey_stewart)
And now, after Sunday's final dinner party - we have official confirmation that Heidi and Mike had broken up.
Arriving at the Balmain set separately, Mike, 44, entered on his own, prompting shock from the experts and the fellow participants.
"Where's Heidi? No, this is not what… this not right," Mel Schilling said.
Deflecting all questions, Mike tells the group: "We'll get to that."
After Heidi arrives, looking absolutely fabulous, Mike talks to the cameras.
"Coming into this night as a single man wasn't what I wanted or expected," he said.
"Right after the final vows, Heidi and I went back to the Gold Coast together but it didn't take long and the wheels started coming off."
WATCH NEXT: Heidi enters the dinner party and Mike reveals what happened between them
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During the dinner party, it was Heidi's turn to explain.
"So, we got to the end and we got to the final vows and we told each other that we loved each other," she said.
"I moved everything to the Gold Coast and then it just went to s—t. It was great for like two days and then it just went to s—t," she revealed.
"And then I haven't spoken to him since."
"Tonight was just the full stop on it, I think," Mike then told the cameras.
"It was actually kind of sad as much as it was a relief to know where I stand," Mike reiterated at the end.

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