Married At First Sight

You HAVE to see MAFS bride Heidi Latcham’s INCREDIBLE bikini bod

Mike Gunner, who?

By Anita Lyons
Heidi Latcham's time on Married at First Sight was an emotional roller coaster full of tantrums, tears and down right petty behaviour - and that was just from her TV husband Mike Gunner.
And now, the stunning curly-haired radio host has debuted her INSANE bikini bod on Instagram and (we hope) all in the name of revenge!
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While we always knew Heidi looked amazing, we'd never seen this particular side to her until she bared all in a stunning black one piece with fellow bride, Martha Kalifatidis.
"Getting ready for the 'Single Ladies' video clip," she captioned the post with a wink.
Not surprisingly, her sexy snap was inundated with comments from friends and fans alike.
"Omg 😍," fellow MAFS bride Lizze gushed.
"Ummmm 🤤🤤🤤 my offer still stands 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️," co-star Lauren added.
"RIGGGGGG," radio host Mel Greig penned.
Holy WOW, Heidi! (Source: Instagram/@heidslatcham)
And for Heidi, we're really hoping this is a big middle finger to Mike, who throughout the series, seemed to emotionally manipulate, gaslight and overall treat Heidi like a fool.
In fact, we're under pretty good authority that Heidi has some MAJOR beans to spill when she's released from her MAFS obligations, and frankly, we cannot wait!
During Monday night's finale, we saw that Heidi finally put her foot down, declaring enough is enough.
Despite a heartbreaking confession from Mike that he's still in love with her, the pain he caused was too much to overcome.
When asked if she also felt the same way, she bluntly replied: "Nup".
Heidi absolutely hit the nail on the head when she revealed that she had "lost a part of herself" while in the toxic relationship with Mike.
"We were not making ourselves better people by being together," she told Mike.
"When it's good it's wonderful for us, it's magical for us. But when it's bad, it is soul-destroying."
Heidi and Mike both broke down, holding hands as they admitted they missed each other.
But they knew there was too much water under the bridge, declaring any possibility of a "reconciliation" was off the table.
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Heidi is still under contract with Channel 9 and has been mute since late January, refusing to do any interviews or press commitments.
And if you take a closer look at what she's been posting on Instagram while MAFS has been airing, you'll notice her photo captions are distinctly ... vague.
She is contractually obliged to promote the show on social media, but she's been careful to ensure there's nothing too positive OR negative on the 'gram.
And Heidi hasn't been the only one to show off their incredible figure as of late (not including the usual suspects Martha and Jessika Power).
Former bride, Mel Lucarelli, also took to Instagram last week, showing off her INSANE body in a black two-piece outside a bikini store.
''Ready & waiting for MAFS Honeymoon Island?? 👙🌴 #mafs #bikini #readyforatan #readyforaman," she captioned the post, referencing the hype surrounding a spin-off show that sees previous participants head to an Island together.
Ready & waiting for MAFS Honeymoon Island?? 👙🌴 #mafs #bikini #readyforatan #readyforaman
With incredible figures and equally incredible personalities - these ladies won't be single for very long!