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MAFS: Are Mel and Dino over? The nail is in the coffin after Dino records Mel

“They’re never actually going to resolve this”
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With all of the lying, cheating and full on fights that have happened between Sam, Ines, Lizzie, Cyrell and Martha; you’d be forgiven for having zero idea who Melissa Lucarelli and Dino Hira are.

Well, after Wednesday’s episode – we’re not going to forget them any time soon.

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After a few false starts, the couple had seemed to be travelling quite well and made it to their first “month anniversary” without breaking up.

But it seems, the honeymoon is well and truly over after Dino overhears Melissa saying some “unkind” things about him during a conversation with her sister on the phone.

In fact, according to the 34-year-old, his wife revealed in no uncertain terms that his “vows were a joke” and that she was “carrying them as a couple”.

Dino then decided to confront Mel, and while at first she was taken aback by the revelation, she decided that she had no “trust or respect” left for her husband.

It was only just the beginning. (Source: Channel 9)

But this was far from over…

Before the dinner party the following day, it was revealed that not only had Dino eavesdropped into the conversation, but in a complete breach of privacy, had recorded her on his phone – thus hammering a nail into the coffin that was their relationship.

“My mind is everywhere, I’m so upset.” Mel said to Dino before the dinner party. “After finding out about you recording me, I actually feel sick about it.”

According to Dino, his motives were clear. In the past she had denied saying nasty things so he wanted to play it back to her, to prove that she had actually said it and how they could “go past” it.

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“You are not seeing what you did!” Mel yelled. “You have recorded…you have violated my trust, my respect, how dare you try and make this about…You are unbelieveable!”

“What you did was sneaky, calculating…I have no trust for you. I feel sick!”

Off to the dinner party for some fun and frivolity, guys?

“Can’t wait!” (Source: Channel 9)

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Story continues

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Unsurprisingly, Dino and Mel sit 50 metres away from each other, encouraging a few questions from the experts.

“They look as though they don’t want to be there,” Trish Stratford says. And you don’t need to be a “clinical neuropsychotherapist” to figure that one out.

Clearly prompted by the Producer’s, Heidi asks the couple if they are alright and if they want to talk about it. And no, Heidi…they are not “alright” and you’re going to be sorry you actually asked.

Surrounded by the older couples, Mel drops the bombshell that Dino recorded her.

While Dino tries to explain himself, she is, well….

FUMING… (Source: Channel 9)

As Mel continues to express her fury, Dino sits there in silence, prompting the experts to analyse that one is “calm” and the other is “angry”… and ya think?

“They’re never actually going to resolve this,” Mel says. “The more it escalates; he remains calm and the more elevated she becomes. There’s just no meeting in the middle.”

“I think what we’re seeing here is the end for this couple. They’re in the final stages of exiting.” John concludes, while Mel agreed. “They’ve got the death rattle!”

While the entire table watches on Mel walks out with Ning and Cyrell, and later is comforted by Heidi and Jules.

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It’s all over according to Mel and she is completely devastated because she thought her fake marriage to someone she didn’t even like was “it” for her…

Meanwhile, back at the dinner table – the younger women, including Jessika, reflect on the drama.

“Who’s having a drama?” Jessika asks. “As long as it’s not me.”

And same, girl. Same.

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