Wedding bliss turns sour fast for first Married At First Sight Australia 2024 couple, Sara & Tim

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The first episode of Married At First Sight Australia revealed the first couple to be matched, Sara and Tim. While all appeared well in the beginning of the wedding ceremony, the reception proved a little rocky.

The biggest obstacle in their relationship may very well be their past.

Sara and Tim were the first MAFS couple.

(Image: Nine)

Sara, 29-year-old nutritionist from Sydney knows what she wants from her dream man. Tim, a 31-year-old online business owner from the Gold Coast, seemed to tick off all the boxes.

Particularly after Tim swept South American-born Sara off her feet by greeting her in Spanish. His attempts to woo her was wildly successful, as little did he know, she was from Colombia born in Medellin – where he temporarily lived.

“I’m enchanted to meet you my love,” Tim begins in Spanish. “You are incredibly beautiful and I cannot wait to go on this adventure with you.”

The photoshoot was incredibly steamy.

(Image: Nine)

The perfect wedding ceremony was followed by a passionate and steamy photoshoot, with the newlyweds unable to take their hands off one another.

“You’ve just taken like everything I’ve said and been like ‘here you go this is your person’,” Sara laughed. “The experts nailed it.”

As these two strangers dug more into each other’s lives, Sara discovered some dirt on her new husband. Tim confessed his ex-partner had cheated on him, while Sara empathized with this given her own experience, the issue was that Tim and his ex-girlfriend had broken up only six months before the experiment.

With Sara believing that her new husband might not be over his ex-partner, Tim’s “rogue” best man arrived, speech in hand, to put one nail in the coffin.

“Tim is a man of science, he’s quite fond of experimentation. Experiment 551, romance at high speed,” the best man began, followed by a crude speech – Tim’s poor parents! He later joked that Sara was “experiment number 865.”

Sara, Tim and the best man (far right).

(Image: Nine)
Sour emotions between the newlyweds followed them to the honeymoon despite their attempts to move past the wedding reception. It was a rocky start to their MAFS relationship, but that initial spark began to reignite.
Up to the dinner party on forward, they were solid. However, Tim’s trust issues came into play during Confessions Week when Sara refused to swap mobile phones.
“I haven’t given you a reason not to trust me. So, what’s the point?” she said. “It’s invasive.”
While Tim was concerned his new wife was texting people outside of the experiment, he made the mature decision to trust her. But shared his true feelings to the camera crew.
“I don’t fully trust Sara at the moment. But I’m taking her word at face value and yeah, I’m trying to be a good husband. But maybe she’s chatting to other guys… Definitely raised some question marks,” he said.

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