Are Cassandra and Tristan the sweetest couple to be matched on Married At First Sight Australia 2024?

We certainly think so.
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The relationship experts have potentially matched the sweetest couple on Married At First Sight Australia for 2024, Cassandra and Tristan.

Despite such a sweet personality, Tristan, a 30-year-old entertainment manager from Sydney, is riddled with self-doubt and insecurities. However, he is searching for a cheerful and bright partner, who it seems he will certainly find in his new bride, Cassandra.

Could Cassandra and Tristan go the distance?

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Queensland-based 30-year-old Cassandra has faced various hardships, from losing the person whom she believed to be ‘the one’ to her mother passing away from cancer in 2020.

“My first love passed away when he was 23,” she confessed to TV WEEK. “For me, like it was end game… and then life was like, nope, just kidding.”

However, the pair are hopeful they will find love on the experiment. It didn’t start off too smoothly for Tristan who mistakenly took one of Cassandra’s bridesmaids as his new wife… However, when the new groom finally laid his eyes on Cassandra, he couldn’t stop nervously talking – which worked his in favour.

“He’s literally BFG.”

(Image: Nine)

“She’s so pretty and she didn’t run away so that’s a really good start,” he told the crew.

“He’s literally BFG: big, friendly, giant,” she laughed. “he’s got these lovely eyes and such a fun smile. I am drawn to him because he’s so warm hearted and so funny, and that’s a good feeling.”

From the wedding ceremony to the reception, the new MAFS couple were all giggles. Despite it being their wedding day, Cassandra’s father, Moddy steals the spotlight with his charismatic personality and beautiful speech which made people laugh, then cry.

Moddy stole the MAFS show.

(Image: Nine)

“Tristan, if she causes you trouble… please don’t come to me. Cassy, this is serious now, if he gives you trouble, call her,” Moddy said while pointing to Tristan’s mother.

After a picture-perfect wedding, Cassandra wakes to flowers and chocolates as a surprise gift for her 30th birthday.

Following a stunning honeymoon in the McLaren Vale wine region in South Australia, Cassandra and Tristan settled into married life together. But unlike any other couple in the experiment, they hadn’t kissed yet.


A missed opportunity for Tristan…
(Image: Nine)

“You’re gonna have to make the move, I haven’t had a girlfriend in seven years. I’m still trying to figure this s–t out,” Tristan told his wife, oblivious to her concerns.

However, he held nothing back during his confessions letter, cluing his wife in as to why he turns away from physical affection.

“This has affected my life for the last 30 years. Through our journey so far, you understand that I was very overweight during school. I’ve always been self-conscious, that I wasn’t good enough… I would only go to private beaches where no one else was around,” he said.

Tristan would approach girls and immediately get turned away, but for the young groom it “wasn’t the rejection” that hurt.

“It was the fact they laughed at me and made fun of me that made me feel worthless… there’s be a lot of times during this experiment that I wanted to lean over and kiss you. The thought that you are unattracted to me scares me, this is why I haven’t tried to kiss you. I really care about you and I don’t my fear to ruin my potential relationship with you.”

But to viewers and Cassandra’s joy, Tristan made the first move and laid a kiss on his bride! Small steps for hopefully a good future.

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