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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Ivan on his one big regret

Ivan feels responsible for his parents being targeted by trolls.
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Things are looking good for Ivan and Aleks on Married At First Sight. But there’s one thing Ivan does regret: his parents getting caught up in it.

“I do regret their involvement,” Ivan, 30, tells TV WEEK. “They became a laughing stock and the subject of internet abuse and suggestions and trolls, and that, to me, wasn’t fair.

I signed up for it [MAFS] to find my partner, not for my family to cop abuse, so I feel responsible for that.”

Ivan was sorry to see his mum and dad become online targets.

(Source: Channel 9)

The Sydney real estate agent wasn’t thrilled with the way he came across in his wedding episode either. He says he felt “a little cheated” when he watched it.

“It was a little disheartening at the start, because I know I’ve got a lot to offer and I know I’m quite intellectual and intelligent when I want to be,” he says. “But nevertheless, I had Aleks to fall back on as all that unfolded.”

Ivan admits he feels “a little cheated” about his on-air portrayal.

(Source: Channel 9)

As for his relationship with Aleks, Ivan knew the chemistry would develop between them. He says he told her that just 10 days after their wedding.

“I remember it clearly,” he recalls. “We went to the Opera Bar [at the Sydney Opera House], and I said to Aleks, ‘You’re going to fall for me. Give yourself a few weeks. And she goes, ‘Ah, come off it.’

“At that stage, we were joking, bantering. I could see her very much buying into my humour, yet being very cautious.”

Ivan and Aleks have a great connection.

(Source: Channel 9)

While other couples consummated their marriage early on on MAFS, Ivan was prepared to be patient. He feels it’s paid off.

“These guys are all going in there, all guns blazing, tearing each other apart, carrying on, swearing, yelling, judging, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. And it’s like, ‘Well, guys, it’s been two weeks.’

“I’ve said it from the start: slow and steady wins the race.”

Connie’s baby plans

Connie has thought a lot about having children. But the uni student, who’s married to Jonethen on MAFS, hasn’t been thinking about giving birth.

“I so badly want to adopt,” she tells TV WEEK. “I think adopting is probably one of the most selfless things anyone can do, especially in this day and age.”

Connie, who is studying to be a marine biologist, also has another reason for wanting to adopt a child.

“That’s the environmentalist coming out in me,” she explains. “We live on a dying planet. I do, in a way, feel like bringing new life into this world can be quite cruel.”

Married At First Sight’s Connie Crayden

(Source: Channel 9)

The 27-year-old from Melbourne, who has travelled the world and spent four months working in Antarctica, says there’s no way of knowing what things will be like in 50 years time.

“If something really bad happens, with everything that’s going on with climate change, I’d feel guilty bringing children into a planet I can’t really protect them from,” she says. “Especially when there are so many other little babies out there who really do need a mum and dad.”

However, Connie says might change her mind one day about becoming a mum.

“I do have maternal instincts,” she says. “One day, I could be like, ‘No, I actually do want to have a baby.’ But adoption is huge for me and something I’d love to do.”

Stacey hits back at plastic surgery haters

Married At First Sight’s Stacey Hampton is “all for” cosmetic surgery

(Source: Channel 9)

MAFS bride Stacey is “all for” cosmetic surgery – and has a few words for those people who aren’t.

“Anyone who says they’re against cosmetic surgery is usually jealous and wishes they could do it themselves,” the Adelaide lawyer tells TV WEEK.

Stacey, 25, had a nose job three years ago after having been bullied “really badly” as a child about her nose. The mum-of-two, who’s married to Michael on the show, also had surgery on her stomach.

“The abdominoplasty wasn’t really cosmetic, it was medical,” she explains. “I had muscle separation, so my intestines were coming out through my muscles. It was really gross.”

Married At First Sight’s Stacey Hampton encourages audience to “do what makes you happy”.

(Source: Instagram)

She also had breast augmentation.

“I got my boobs done because I breastfed two children, so I thought, ‘Why not? I deserve it.’

“My perspective on cosmetic surgery is if that’s something that makes you happy, feel better about yourself and more confident, then do it.”

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