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Carolina who? Married At First Sight’s breakout star Dion Giannarelli reveals his current relationship status

It looks like this TV groom is off the market!
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Dion Giannarelli is the unexpected heartthrob to arise from the chaotic mess that has been Married At First Sight‘s ninth season.

After being blindsided by his onscreen wife Carolina Santos’ affair with fellow contestant Daniel Holmes, the questions on thousands of women’s lips has been: Is Dion still single?

Not anymore, ladies! The TV groom recently revealed that he’s currently loved up with a new woman closer to home.

“I can confirm I’ve found love right here on the Gold Coast and I’m very happy,” he told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Though he wouldn’t spill on who the lucky lady is, we have a feeling their romance will be much more down-to-earth and much less dramatic than his last.

Dion prviously shared that he was on the market after initial reports that the property developer had “rekindled” his romance with ex-girlfriend Nikki Walton.

During Fitzy & Wippa‘s Traffic Dating show on March 17, Dion agreed to a date with a Nova listener, all but confirming he was still available.

Earlier reports suggested Dion got back with his ex-girlfriend Nikki Walton, but that’s since been disproven.

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After a quick-fire round of questions with three different women who called into the station, the eligible bachelor settled on Leanne, a 33-year-old who described herself as “the opposite to Carolina”.

“Sorry, I’m a bit nervous. I look forward to meeting you and talking to you after,” Leanne told Dion on the radio show.

The reality star responded: “No worries, so we’ll definitely have a chat.”

Fanfare over Dion’s relationship status comes after he denied having a “secret girlfriend” while filming, saying: “I was single when I entered the show and I was single when I signed up.”

WATCH: Dion flirts with a listener on Fitzy & Wippa. Story continues after video.

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In a chat with The Wash following his departure from the show, Dion remained tight-lipped over his relationship status.

“I mean I just came off a reality show, it’s been a lot. I’m just taking everyday as it comes and I’m sure love will find me,” he said, adding that he will “have to wait and see” if any women have approached him in his DMs.

Dion has been a hot commodity since being jilted by Carolina, with many calling for the 34-year-old to be cast as the next Bachelor.

“Look I think my days of finding love on TV are over,” he told The Wash of the rumours.

Dion will soon be heading off on a date with a Nova listener.

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Interest in Dion’s relationship status comes after he slammed Carolina and Daniel for their deception.

“They were obviously serious about trying to re-enter the experiment, I think they’re both a little bit delusional, to be quite honest with you to think they were going to come back in and bring such a toxic environment into a group like that,” he told Now To Love.

Dion also said Carolina and Daniel’s initial bond over loving to workout at the gym regularly isn’t enough to sustain a lasting relationship.

“It is unnecessary and there are so many other layers taken to make a relationship work other than going to the gym or what music they listen to. That is so miniscule in a relationship,” he told us.

“How about trying to connect in deeper level and talking, getting to know each other. I know plenty of people whose partners go to the gym and the other one doesn’t.”

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