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Married At First Sight’s cheating scandal between Coco and Cam takes another wild turn in new teaser

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It’s not Married At First Sight if there’s not at least one cheating scandal, and this the couple at the centre of the drama is Cameron Dunne and Coco Stedman.

From the outset Coco and Cam were identified as the suspected couple set to cause controversy on the show.

In what was dubbed as the ultimate editing fail, video footage that teased the scandal showed a man with a tribal tattoo with his hand on a brunette woman’s leg.

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Spoiler alert.

(Channel Nine)

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that Cameron has that exact tattoo on his arm and that in the shot you can also see that the guy doesn’t have hair. And yep you guessed it, Cameron is the only bald contestant.

As for who was on the other end of the unfaithful duo, fans narrowed it down to the show’s only two Brunettes: Coco and Belinda Vickers. However, Belinda was ultimately ruled out of the equation, as the shot shows the woman with rather tanned skin, much like Coco’s.

In the teaser, you can also hear a woman’s voice, who coincidentally sounded very much like the boisterous Pilates instructor, saying: “There’s definitely that spark, and I wish the experts had matched us.”

Coco and Sam certainly don’t seem like a match.

(Channel Nine)

Another clue that had fans absolutely convinced Cameron is involved came after his on-screen wife Samantha Jayne Harvey appeared on Hit Hobart 100.9, where she tried to avoid questions about the rumoured cheating.

When asked if Cameron does cheat on her, Sam answered with: “Look, you guys are going to have to watch and see it all play out. This whole moral thing that is coming up now will be raised again later in the show… you guys are going to have to watch to find out, because that’s a massive spoiler and I’m not going there.”

Samantha and Cameron had one night of happiness before their marriage crumbled.

(Channel Nine)

Suspicions were confirmed, to no one’s surprise, as Cam and Coco began meeting in secret, at first innocently to discuss the bride’s relationship with Sam Carraro who knew Cam outside of the show.

However, the attraction between the pair was obvious and flirtatious tension subsequently built.

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It all culminated (or so we thought) in last night’s huge dinner party which saw Coco brush off whispers around the table and confront fellow bride Samantha.

Samantha gave her blessing and stormed off before later returning where Coco and Cam were subject to an intense grilling that left Cam disappointingly coy and quiet – failing both brides.

Cam crumbled under the spotlight, failing both women.

Of course, the scandal isn’t over until MAFS squeeze’s every last tear drop from Samantha, with the show releasing a new trailer showing Cam and Coco meeting up once more.

The clip shows Cam and Coco alone, with the groom grabbing the Pilates instructor by the arm before kissing her.

Warning: The footage contains a lot of, ahem, tongue, and will likely turn you off your lunch.

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Looks like we’re in for one hell of a commitment ceremony.

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