Married At First Sight

OPINION: The Married At First Sight wine throwing needs to be put to a stop

This isn’t entertainment.

By Maddison Hockey
Here we are again; another season of Married At First Sight, another wine throwing incident.
As tensions escalated unnecessarily in tonight's dinner party episode, grooms Bryce Ruthven and Sam Carraro found themselves bickering and throwing outrageous insults across the table.
It took all our strength to stop our eyes from rolling back in our heads at the typical display of male egos and beating of chests.
From the unimaginative digs to the confrontation on a whole, it's a storyline we've seen the reality show roll out time and time again.
Bryce and Sam had multiple arguments through the evening. (Channel Nine)
It all culminated in another exhausted and astoundingly concerning move we've seen before; a drink being thrown.
As Bryce threw his water across the table, we weren't so much shocked as we were horrified that this conduct, potentially a form of assault had been aired, once again.
Any act, including throwing a drink at another person, that intentionally or recklessly leads someone to fear immediate violence, could be seen as assault.
Is this behaviour scripted? Or perhaps mimicked with the intention of going viral?
Sam copped a drink to the face. (Channel Nine)
In season six of the series Martha Kalifatidis memorably poured a glass of red wine over fellow bride Cyrell Paule's head.
Instead of this behaviour being discouraged, better yet, not being aired at all, it was glorified.
The moment has not only been dubbed as "iconic" but has led to Martha having her own spin off segment on Channel Nine's Married At First Sight page dubbed Martha's Red Wine Moments.
If that's not sensationalising and glorifying aggressive behaviour, we don't know what is.
Martha now has her own segment on the show. (Channel Nine)
Married At First Sight is meant to be a reality series, depicting real life people navigating (somewhat) real life relationships.
If the show not only depicts this kind of assault as normal behaviour but sensationalises it, and does so continually, it's encouraging more impressionable viewers to go out and do the same.
It's time this tired narrative be put to rest.
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